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Top Part-Time Jobs For Teens And High School Students

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As a part-time student or a teenager, have you ever wondered what kind of jobs you can try out to earn some money to take care of some of your bills despite the fact that you are still younger and in school? Well, in this article, we have a list of part-time jobs for teens and high school students that you can try out from wherever you are resident.

List of top part-time jobs for teens and high school students

Here is a list of different kinds of part-time jobs you can take as a teen or high school student.

  • Nanny or babysitting
  • Grocery store attendant
  • Digital entrepreneur
  • Parcel Dispatch driver
  • Pet sitter
  • Kid Camp counselor
  • Tutor
  • Web developer
  • Food server

#1. Nanny or babysitting

Actually, a teen and high school student can actually take up job offers that have to do with babysitting. You can take this job role and be good at it as far as you stick to the ethics regulating it within your country of residence.

#2. Grocery store attendant

Be you a teen or a high school student, you can actually work part-time at a grocery store as an attendant at the point of sale checkout point. You can earn a reasonable amount by taking this job offer.

#3. Digital entrepreneur

You can from the comfort of your room as a teen or high school student start up an online business whereby you render different kinds of services to people home and abroad without any physical presence.

#4. Parcel dispatch driver

You can take a part-time job as a dispatch driver who will help delivery companies drop parcels at different locations in town and earn a decent amount of money.

#5. Pet sitter

You can consider being responsible for petting people’s pets and getting paid for it. You can go ahead and seek for openings in this regard and stand high chances of earning by just walking someone’s dog, cat etc three times a week or more.

#6. Kid camp counselor

If you are good with counseling kids at kiddy camps, why don’t you give it a shot? There are jobs in this regard during the summer camps period of the year. With this, you can earn something so tangible and as well build connections with lots of people.

#7. Tutor

Tutors are usually paid well for offering knowledge in different fields of their expertise. If you are skilled in this field, seek for job openings in this regard and apply right away.

#8. Web developer

These days, anybody who is interested can learn how to code and with time become an expert to the extent of rendering it as a service. So, if you are serious about it and would love to render services in that regard, you can as a teen and high school student give it a try.

#9. Food server

When you are not busy in school as a teen and high school student, you can work few hours as a waiter or waitress at any restaurant. You can actually earn as much as $13 per hour doing jobs like this.

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