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How To Find a Part-Time Evening Job

There are a number of reasons why a part-time evening job is perfect for you.  If you tend to stay up late, then a night job may be ideal for your sleep schedule.  It will allow you to work when you feel more productive.  If you already have a daily job, the evening job is a good way to earn some extra money during your spare time. A part-time evening job may also work better for your current schedule.  For example, if you have children that you care about during the day, it might make sense to find an evening job.

How To Find a Part-Time Evening Job

  The reasons for workers looking for evening jobs can vary from person to person.  Teenagers, college students and parents may look for evening jobs to earn additional money.  Some workers are night owls who work better after sunset.  Depending on the industry and attitude, evening jobs may also provide many benefits, such as high incomes, having to deal with minimal coworkers, and a little distraction.  Whatever your reason, you can find an evening job by focusing on your goals and using the available job search tools.

How To Find a Part-Time Evening Job

  Regardless of your career situation, having a part-time evening job can allow you to increase your income while respecting a schedule tailored to your needs.  But how do you get the perfect job?  Since most of the search engines on the job offer website allow you to choose the field and type of work, you can easily set the parameters needed to determine the ideal job.

  To find an evening job in your neighborhood, it is a good idea to browse job offers in a local newspaper or apply directly to the employer’s offices.  This approach will be more personalized!

  As a student, you can work up to 25 hours a week.  During the summer months when there are no classes, there is no limit to working hours.  Finnish law does not specify the minimum wages, but the lowest salaries range from 7 to 8 euros an hour.  Students usually earn 9 to 13 euros an hour, depending on the sector and working hours.  Evening times and Sundays work better, and sectors such as software engineering and IT are paying students well.

  There are two peak seasons during the year when employers look to hire new employees: the time before the winter holiday (December) and the time before the summer vacation.  Your chances are higher if you try to progress during these times of the year, but it is advisable to do so early.

  Try to apply for the largest possible number of jobs.  While waiting for a response, contact the recruiter directly to prove that you are really excited about the work.  The phone conversation will give you an opportunity to give a good impression.

How Can I Find A Part-Time Evening Job?

  • Work On Your Resume

  No matter what type of job you apply for, you will really need a CV that sells you – so your first stop should be our guide to writing the perfect CV.  Even if you think you have already installed your CV, it is worth reading through this guide to make sure it is A + quality.

  It is worth having a few Personal Resumes if you are looking for a job in significantly different sectors as well.  Employers can discover a public copy and paste a job from a mile away!

  • Target vacation-oriented companies

  Usually, a diverse group of companies such as restaurants, marketing companies, small businesses, and boutique agencies need part-time assistance to work on holiday letters and graphic design projects.  Especially if you are a writer, graphic designer or web designer, many companies can benefit from your expertise during the holiday season.

  When applying for vacation-focused careers, be sure to send samples of your best work and accomplishments.  Most employers want to hire people quickly during the holidays.  Create a separate job so you can work in the evening hours you want.  For example, you can advertise services as a freelance writer, artist, accountant, craftsman or consultant – charge an hourly fee or have a combined service offer.  In addition, you can work freelance for a business, family or other individual with pre-determined hours, and charge hourly service fees as a teacher, teacher, home customer service, sales representative, computer support, or babysitter.

  • Use of specialized job sites

  There are dozens of independent job boards that provide hundreds of contracts and freelance jobs for professionals.  Most of these job boards post jobs that allow you to work from home.

  • Search locally

If you are looking for a job close to home, use a variety of methods to find local night jobs.  For example, if there are certain local businesses that you want to work for, visit their offices and ask if they have any evening jobs available.  Check your local newspaper for job listings.

  • Use your network

  Like any other job search, you must use the network of colleagues, friends, and family to find a job.  Email your friends and family to tell them about your job search.  Update your LinkedIn profile.  You can also communicate with contacts via your social media accounts.  You never know who might know about a good part-time evening job for you.