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Top 8 best Jobs for Baby Boomers

  There are Jobs for Baby Boomers – generally known to be born between 1946 and 1964 – as they are starting to retire, and many of them are looking to start second careers and find ways to continue working.

  When it comes to baby boomers, these jobs are generally known as “back to work; and given increased longevity and expected retirement from 20 to 30 years, more people are looking for new meaning and an interest in contributing to the greater good.”

  In the United States, the average retirement age for workers is 65 for men and 63 for women.  Many assume workers over 60 are lining up at the door of retirement.  However, with financial uncertainty and other drivers at play, millions of baby boomers continue to remain in the workforce.  In fact, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 40 percent of adults aged 55 or over are either working or looking for work.

  Flexible jobs are really good for baby boomers because they provide the ability to continue working and earn an income into retirement, but with the flexibility to enjoy life as well.  With most Boomers planning to work at least part-time during retirement, flexible jobs for baby boomers are an excellent solution.  Telework jobs are a great option for baby boomers who have already dealt with long commutes.  They want to skip the stress by eliminating the daily commute to work, and most of the time, telecommuting jobs provide flexible hours and schedules.

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  Part-time jobs at the professional level are one of the best kept secrets of flexible jobs.  There are a variety of part-time jobs, and many of them require the kind of experience that the baby boom generation offers.  Areas that contain flexible careers for experienced professionals such as Baby Boomers include nonprofits and philanthropy, medicine and health, writing and editing, sales, customer service, accounting and finance, computer and information technology.

How are baby boomers kept in the workplace?

  Sure, baby boomers (54 to 74) bring knowledge and experience to the workplace, and many companies are trying to convince them to stay as they struggle to find workers amid unemployment that has reached its lowest level in 50 years.  However, their prevalence in the workforce limits the overall productivity of the economy.  This is likely due to their reluctance to adopt the new technology

  Not ready to quit despite reaching the standard age?  You’re not the only one.  More baby boomers are choosing to continue working rather than retiring.  A second or “encore” profession can help you stay physically active and achieve personal fulfillment.  Check out our top picks for post-retirement jobs for baby boomers below:

Top 8 best Jobs for Baby Boomers

1.    Volunteer, Community & Charity Jobs 

  One of the most common jobs for baby boomers who are keen to enjoy an active retirement – especially those who want to “return the favor,” are voluntary, community and charitable jobs.  This type of job is particularly suitable for people over the age of 50 because their life experience and interpersonal communication skills often give them a much deeper appreciation of the importance of community and empathy for dealing effectively with people from a wide range of backgrounds and ages.  It is very easy to find volunteer jobs because they do not require a financial commitment from the employer and also because charities and local community organizations rely on volunteers for their presence.  Another major benefit of these types of jobs is the ability to stay in touch with your local community and the sense of satisfaction that comes from knowing you helped others.


2.    Adjunct Professor

  Even if you do not have a PhD, many online schools or community colleges are looking for people with subject matter experience to teach low-level courses.  Many retirees or other workers looking for part-time jobs find this a perfect fit – you can often teach as many or as few classes as you like.  Teaching experience and expertise in the topic you study are essential.  Good people skills and organizational skills are also helpful.

3.    Local government jobs

  If participating in the local community and helping others is a top priority, but financial circumstances still dictate the need for a specific income, local government jobs provide another good option for enthusiastic baby boomers.  Local government authorities generally provide the same types of services as charitable and volunteer organizations, although they are backed by a funded budget.  Popular local government jobs suitable for active retirement may include being a school transit supervisor, working for the local library, managing local arts and cultural facilities, or perhaps even helping out at a local childcare center.

4.    President and CEO

  Presidents and CEOs of companies manage the show.  They serve as the public face of the company, overseeing all reports and providing strategic leadership to department managers.  Depending on the size of the company, they may be required to fill sales, marketing, or other management roles.  They are responsible for setting financial goals and approving budgets, policies and organizational plans.

5.    Dentist

  Dentists provide care for people’s teeth, including preventive care.  They clean teeth, x-rays, conduct procedures, and educate patients on proper dental care.  They may work in community offices or self-employed, or work for larger organizations.  Dentists need to be enrolled in an accredited program, which is often very competitive.  They study anatomy, radiology, and the use of anesthesia.  Some dentists may specialize in orthodontics or periodontal treatment.

6.    Hospitality jobs

  Hospitality is another area popular with retirement-age Australians who still want to stay active and involved.  Baby-boom hospitality jobs can include roles like working behind the counter at your local coffee shop, maintaining a wine cellar at your local restaurant or vineyard, housekeeping at a local bed and breakfast or even working as a tour guide at a local tourist attraction.  Tour guide jobs are especially suitable for baby boomers who are bitten by the “travel mistake” and make sure to spend a lot of time outdoors.

7.    Yoga teacher

  Would you like to be physically active?  Reap the many benefits of working as a yoga teacher, such as regular stretching and strength exercises.  Don’t forget the mental connection to meditation.

  To get this job, you’ll have to do 200 hours of training.  It might sound overwhelming, but you can learn tips and tricks to become a yoga instructor.  Plus, you can do these exercises anywhere – with dedicated yogis who often travel to exotic locations like Bali for training sessions that double as retreats. 

8.    Therapist

  If you’ve always been a regular person, the many job opportunities for therapists are a great way to practice and use empathy skills to help others.  Choose between family therapy, pediatric treatment, or general counseling.  Being a licensed therapist requires a master’s degree.  You will also need to conduct supervised medical hours as part of the licensing requirements in your state.