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Top 7 Jobs that Allow Travel

  Instead of working a job where you can only travel once or twice a year, why not go for jobs that allow travel as one of your duties?  This way, you can explore the world while making money and building your career.  Working eight hours a day behind a computer screen isn’t for everyone.  Some people like to travel, and being in a room drains them.

  If you are constantly planning your upcoming vacation, consider finding a job that suits your lifestyle.  Instead of spending all your PTO and hard-earned money traveling just once or twice a year, you can earn a living while seeing the world.

  For many people, traveling and working abroad after graduation is the ideal time to do so.  It’s that beautiful spot between school commitments and the daily grind of company life.  For others, becoming an expat may give you the respite from the monotony of working life that you need – and make you feel inspired again.

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  But long-term travel without some type of income or lower living expenses simply can’t manage for most people (and that’s before we even start to factor in dreadful student debts).  That’s why we bring you the best of both worlds – jobs that demand international travel!

How do I make a career out of traveling?

  If you can get those cute and cool jobs that allow you to travel abroad, then your career will be made.  You’ll feel good about your work, begin to satisfy your cravings for adventure, and you’ll meet cool people along the way – you know, the kind that might help you get a foot in your future career if needed.  Maybe you’ve never had the opportunity to study abroad in college, or maybe you want something different from a regular corporate job 9 to 5. Whatever the reason, here are some great jobs that allow travel.

  Some jobs that involve regular travel require extensive training and education, while others provide on-the-job experience.  You can find a job you enjoy that either requires travel or allows you to travel frequently based on your interests and skills.  Also, when you are working as a freelancer or have an employer that allows remote work, you can do the job anywhere you want.  You can choose to work some of your time at home or all of your travel time. Below is our top 7 list of Jobs that allow travel.

   Jobs that allow travel

1.    Tour guide

  If you are extroverted and friendly, this might be one of the best jobs you love in the world.  Imagine that you are living in a foreign country and it appears to travelers who love to travel around your new home.  As long as you love chatting and are passionate about the new country or city you live in, then you are sure to love the tour guide job.

2.    Flight Attendant

  This has to be one of the most obvious jobs for people who love to travel, but it is also one of the most achievable and fun.  Imagine a jet plane flying around the world, staying one or two nights in foreign cities, only to wake up and do it again.  You have to love people, but in terms of qualifications, most airlines only expect prior customer service experience and certifications.  Expecting crazy hours and a crazy lifestyle, it’s not as easy as it sounds or sounds, but it’s absolutely perfect for the travel fan.  Moreover, you will get extremely discounted flights for you and your family.  the win!

3.    Construction manager

  Construction managers oversee the process of new commercial and residential buildings, as well as bridges, tunnels, and roads; oversee construction deadlines, workflow, and budget management for each project.  Since construction is a market consistent with high demand, with a projected growth of 5% by 2024, these managers are often tasked with managing multiple projects in different cities and countries.  A great deal of travel is required from construction managers as they have to visit every site they supervise and make sure requirements are met.

4.    Cruise Ship Staff

  If your idea of ​​travel is less than solid ground and more about the open sea, then joining a cruise ship crew might be the perfect choice for you.  There are countless types of jobs that deal with the cruise ship industry, so if you haven’t become seasick, there’s a good chance you’ll find a job that suits your fancy.  If you are one of the lucky ones with the talent of performing, then maybe you can get a gig; If you love to cook, well, guests need to eat!

5.    Au Pair or Nanny

  Do you just have summer to dip your toes in international waters?  Maybe being an Au Pair will work for you.  Au pair is an international nanny who usually lives with a family to look after their children.  There are countless websites that help find potential matches between emerging families and couples, depending on things like availability, experience, and state preferences.  Payments can range from accommodation and food only to the flights and stipend that is included.


6.    Translator

  Perhaps your love of travel and foreign cultures inspired you to learn a second language.  Your hobby can turn into a profitable profession and dream job if you use your skills to become a translator.  There are many opportunities for you to work within a company with offices in different countries.  You can also be the translator for the written word for brands with international audiences.  Many freelance translators also work, which means they work with restaurants, tour companies, and other companies, and are leveraging their language skills to win translation contracts.

7.    Journalist

  The distance you travel will depend on the organization you work for and the type of news you cover.  There will be extensive overseas travel opportunities if you work for a foreign office for a major radio, news agency or newspaper such as BBC, CNN, Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg (all of which have offices in the UK).  You will also likely get some opportunities to travel abroad if you cover a different region like environment, technology or entertainment, as there will be stories to report in other countries from time to time.  If you work for a local newspaper or radio station, you will be traveling within your area.  Use our media jobs section to learn more about becoming a journalist.