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6 Best Habits of Highly Employable People

  In a job search, it can be very easy to fall into negative grooves and roles while waiting for things to happen or you can cultivate the habits of highly employable people.

  You can’t necessarily control whether your recruiter chooses from a pile of job applications, but you can do everything in your power to make yourself the most liked candidate by exhibiting applying the 6 best habits of highly employable people discussed in this page.

  With that in mind, take a moment to think about where you are right now.  Do you feel ready to enter the job market with confidence?  Do you have the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to land the job you want?  Are there gaps in your skill set that you can fill to make you a more ideal candidate?

  The talent gap is the difference between the skills that employers want and the skills that job seekers and employees possess.  As Gallup and others pointed out, after more than a decade of realizing its existence, the talent gap has not been eliminated and has widened in some cases.  Not only has secondary and post-secondary education been unable to fully synchronize with employers to shut it down, the goal continues to move.

What are the behaviors that make you more employable?

  When it comes to getting a job or promotion, there are always many factors involved.  All you can do is control your employability, the most employable people always manages themselves, soliciting feedback and trying to figure out the best way to grow.  They know it’s valuable, but they also show that value constantly, so when things go wrong, they don’t waste time pointing fingers.  And when faced with new challenges, they trust their intuition. 

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One of the habits of highly employable people is that they know when to sit back and listen. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories, as some people experience poaching before even thinking of their next step.  Others spend months searching for jobs with no luck.  Some people score one promotion after another and easily switch industries.  Others feel restricted in their current roles, and when it comes to getting the job, there are many factors at play.  Focus on the people you can control by adopting the habits of the most employable people.

  The only thing that a job or job market will teach you is that your degree does not guarantee you a job position.  Besides obtaining a degree does not mean that you are among the most highly qualified employees.  However, many students and alumni are offered jobs equally during school graduation and others spend months or years searching for a job.

  When searching for a job, you must ensure that you have the skill needed for the job.  After all, who is the hunter without his rifle?  Being employable or welcoming means you have everything the employer is looking for or at least the majority of what the employer is looking for.

Best habits of highly employable people

1.    They are smart emotionally

  Emotional intelligence is of prime importance in today’s work world.  It is considered a crucial trait one must be in a leadership role.  Emotional intelligence is described as the ability to perceive, control, and express one’s feelings, and to deal with personal relationships with wisdom and emotion.


2.    They’re constantly seeking for growth

  The first vision for any business or company is to grow, generate more profits and reach new heights.  When the business owner is looking for new talent, he scouts and hires people who will help the company grow and achieve its goals.

  Therefore, an employable person must constantly strive for growth.  People who invest in personal development often act as an implementer of positive change.  Therefore, a person with a high degree of employment should always strive to develop his skills.  People who continuously develop themselves are sure to influence the same growth in the business or company.

3.    They know their value

 Know what to bring to the table. You have to appreciate your experience and expertise if you want a business owner. Never stop increasing your value to someone and make sure you achieve this in the workplace. Remind yourself constantly why the assets are and make it your mission to show this through your actions.

  Workers of value invest in building self-confidence and self-confidence.  They know that even the most successful people in the world have moments of doubt, so they don’t focus on trying to get rid of doubt.  Instead, they strive to rise above it.

4.    They’re intelligent and proactive

  You have to be smart and proactive when searching for a job. You are not only given employment opportunities when you do not put forth the effort you need unless your uncle or father owns the company.  To get your dream job, you must be actively involved in job searching activities;  Find new jobs, communicate with people, communicate or meet people at parties or social gatherings, and meet people.

5.    They pay attention to detail and has a listening ear

  Another habit for a person with a high degree of employment is attention to detail.  The business owner is looking for people who are able to reasonably understand, take and make use of the information or work according to the details provided.

6.    They know how to network

  People with high employability know the value of relationships.  Not only is your network a source of potential leads, it can also feed you with new information in your industry.  There’s a lot of value in keeping up with your network, and it doesn’t consume much of your time: an email here, a date for coffee there, some comments back and forth on social media.  By strengthening your network and being a strong part of someone else, you help build a support system for a long time to come.

7.    They keep their CV up to date

  Even if you are not active in the job search process, you should always have a new, up-to-date CV ready to PDF and submit.  Why?  Because it saves you time if you get an opportunity – but it also gets you ready to negotiate a salary increase or a promotion.  If it’s been a few months in your job search and you’re not getting the types of traffic you want, don’t be afraid to keep updating your resume or creating a different resume for different narratives that you might want to apply, depending on the job or company you’re applying to.