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How to Immigrate to Canada as a Truck Driver

The labour market in Canada for truck drivers has remained strong despite the drastic effects of the global pandemic and it’s expected to continuously do so for the next five years. Unemployment for qualified truck drivers in Canada is way below average. Canada Wants Your Skills!

According to Statistics Canada, an entry-level Transport truck driver with 5 or fewer years of experience can averagely earn around $66870 whilst a truck driver with mid-level experience can earn an average total compensation of $115,700.

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An experienced truck driver with experience of 10-20 years can earn an average total compensation of $269,110 and a truck driver with late-career experience earning an average total compensation of $344,544.

Evidently, the above-mentioned averages varies between sectors so should only be used purely as a suggestive guide. Additionally, certain geographic anomalies occur in terms of fluctuations above these averages:

  • Edmonton + 2%
  • Lethbridge + 5%
  • Victoria + 8%
  • Vancouver + 8%
  • Montréal + 18%
  • Toronto + 24%
  • Calgary + 29%
  • Saskatoon + 30%

Canada Wants You: Apply to Migrate to Canada as a Transport truck driver

Immigrate to Canada as a truck driver

Every occupation listed on the Canadian NOC is given a designated code and the code for those looking to migrate to Canada as a Truck driver is 7511. This is also recognized as the NOC Code for Transport truck drivers migrating to Canada.

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According to the NOC Classification guide, Transport truck drivers are professionals responsible for operating heavy trucks to transport materials and goods over urban interurban provincial and international routes. They are employed by manufacturing, transportation, distribution, and moving companies and trucking employment service agencies or even be self-employed. This code also includes drivers of unique purpose trucks and shunters who carry trailers to and from loading docks inside trucking yards or lots.

Transport truck drivers gain employment under so many job titles and positions.  So, to be eligible under the code of Transport truck driver, you should be employed or work as any of these job titles or positions below.

  • Automobile carrier driver
  • Automobile transport driver
  • Bulk goods truck driver
  • Bulk milk truck driver
  • Cement truck driver – construction
  • Coal hauler (except underground mining)
  • Dangerous goods truck driver
  • Dump truck driver
  • Dumpster truck driver
  • Escort – transportation
  • Explosives truck driver
  • Flatbed truck driver
  • Freight truck driver
  • Fuel oil truck driver
  • Gasoline truck operator
  • Gravel hauler
  • Gravel truck driver
  • Groceries long haul driver
  • Heavy truck driver
  • Hydrovac truck operator
  • Line-haul driver
  • Liquid fertilizer truck driver
  • Log hauler
  • Log truck driver
  • Logging truck driver
  • Long combination vehicle (LCV) driver
  • Long-distance truck driver
  • Long haul driver
  • A long haul tractor-trailer driver
  • Long haul truck driver
  • Low-bed semi-trailer driver
  • Mobile cement mixer driver
  • Mobile concrete mixer driver
  • Moving truck driver
  • Moving van driver
  • Muskeg tractor operator

Likely duties, tasks and responsibilities engaged in at work to Migrate to Canada as a Transport truck driver

  • Lengthy-haul truck drivers.
  • Plan trips, logistics and obtain necessary documentation to convey goods.
  • Operate and drive primarily tractor-trailer, long-combination vehicle, and straight-body trucks with over 4500 kg weight to convey goods and materials over long distances.
  • Perform inspection of vehicle systems equipment pre-trip, en route, and post-trip on accessories like tires, lights, turn signals, brakes, and cold storage.
  • Document cargo information, hours of service, distance traveled and fuel utilization.
  • Acquire special permits and other documents required to convey cargo on international routes.
  • Issue bills of lading and manually or maintaining logbooks electronically.
  • Ensuring cargo is properly secured in accordance with all safety requirements and comply with safety procedures for transporting dangerous goods

In order to migrate to Canada as a qualified Transport truck driver under NOC code 7511 you’ll need to have your credentials certified by Canada.

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The exact documents and needed requirements for this process change, nonetheless they will be connected to the educational requirements listed under the Canadian Government NOC list.  For a Transport truck driver these are:

  • On-the-job training is provided.
  • On-the-job training may be provided.
  • Completion of secondary school is usually required.

It is possible to Migrate to Canada as a Transport truck driver in three ways.

  • Directly through Express Entry
  • With a Job Offer
  • With Provincial Nomination

The CIC pulls the top applicants from the Express Entry pool and gives them an Invitation To Apply solely depending on how many Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points they have obtained.

The perfect Comprehensive Ranking Score is 1200. An offer of employment in Canada or a provincial nomination certificate is worth a whopping 600 points.

How to use the GTS to Become a permanent resident in Canada

Till now all draw to migrate to Canada as a Transport truck driver has been over 449 CRS Points.

Acquiring a provincial Nomination as part of your Canadian Immigration boosts your CRS score by 600 as earlier mentioned, practically ensuring your successful Invitation to Apply for Canadian Permanent Residency. Some Provinces require a Job Offer while some don’t.

In order to successfully immigrate to Canada as a Transport truck driver you’ll also need to start your application to the Transport truck driver regulatory body in Canada.