Immigrate to Canada as a plumber (Complete Guide)
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Immigrate to Canada as a plumber (Complete Guide)

If you are looking to immigrate to Canada as a plumber, you are in luck! Plumbers are in demand across Canada, and you may be able to get a Canadian permanent residence visa with or even without a job offer.

No doubt you will have read online that having a job offer to relocate to Canada is a prerequisite for entering the Express Entry process, but as a plumber, you also have other options to get your Canadian visa as soon as possible.

Immigrate to Canada as a plumber (See Complete Guide)

What is required for a High-Paying Plumbing Jobs in Canada?

For starters, plumbers may apply to immigrate to Canada under the Canadian government’s immigration program due to the demand for plumbers in Canada is so great that they have included the occupation on the list of targeted occupations, known as NOC list name (National List of Occupational Codes).
The code for plumbers on the NOC is 7251

This is great news for qualified plumbers around the world hoping to get a Canadian visa.

Express Entry

Express Entry for Canada is not a visa class at all, it is simply the method (or database) used by Canadian Immigration to select the right candidates for a permanent residence visa and in this case, in As a plumber wishing to immigrate to Canada, we will be reviewing the Federal Skilled Trades Visa Program and Provincial Nominee.

Plumbers from around the world are eligible to make an express entry for the Plumber Canada residency provided they have the right skills, experience, and qualifications in their home country.

Work Titles under NOC 7251

Plumbers looking to move to Canada to work in NOC 7251 could be employed under work titles, including:

  • Apprentice plumber
  • Journeyman / plumber
  • Plumber maintenance and repair
  • Maintenance and repair plumber (non-construction)
  • Maintenance plumber
  • Marine plumber
  • Plumber
  • Plumber – piping
  • Apprentice plumber
  • Plumbing installer
  • Plumbing mechanic
  • Plumber radiator
  • Plumber in residential construction

All of these roles occupied by plumbers are eligible to apply in this specific NOC category of 7251

General job duties

In general, plumbers moving to Canada should be able to demonstrate their knowledge or experience in the following areas:

  • Read blueprints, drawings and specifications to determine the layout of the plumbing system, water supply system, and drainage and drainage systems
  • Install, repair and maintain household, commercial or industrial plumbing fixtures and systems
  • Locate and mark the positions of pipe fittings, through holes and fittings in walls and floors
  • Cut openings in walls and floors to accommodate pipes and pipe fittings
  • Measure, cut, bend and thread pipes using hand and power tools or machines
  • Join pipes using fittings, clamps, screws, bolts, cement or brazing equipment, brazing and welding
  • Test hoses for leaks using air and water gauges
  • May prepare cost estimates.

Qualification requirements to immigrate to Canada as a plumber

From the UK, you’d be required to have a NVQ level III, while from South Africa you will need to hold your Red Seal. The requirements for migrating as a plumber to Canada is dependent on your home country and you can check it up full requirements on the official website of the Canadian immigration.

You can also contact an immigration expert as earlier advised as they are more than happy to represent plumber clients around the world, irrespective of your country or qualification, feel free to contact one today for a full breakdown of your chances of immigrating to Canada.

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How to immigrate to Canada as a plumber

The first step in your Canadian immigration process is to calculate your Canadian immigration points for Express Entry using the comprehensive Canadian ranking system.

CRS points are awarded for (among others)

  • Age
  • Skills
  • English ability
  • Mastering French
  • Your partner’s skills
  • Professional experience

In addition to providing you with important CRS points, these factors also count towards your overall Immigration Point score, which must be equal to or greater than a total of 67.

What next?

Once you receive an ITA (Invitation to Apply) from CIC as a result of your Express Entry request, you will only have 60 days to file a formal request, so under no circumstances should you file an application for Express Entry. Express Entry “ pretending ” to have certain points without first verifying all your points through various tests, equivalency certificates and skilled trades assessments.

Once invited to apply for your Canadian visa, you cannot go back and have these things checked in retrospect, they must be done before claiming points for them and given that your Express Entry profile is only valid for a year, it makes sense to present the best. possible from the outset.

Skill assessment

The process of checking your plumbing skills, experience and qualifications is called the skills assessment and serves two purposes.

First Objective of the Plumbers Skills Assessment in Canada: With a positive skills assessment, you will be able to claim the required points both on the CRS Express Entry and on a possible federal skilled trades application.

Second Goal of the Plumbers Skills Assessment in Canada: Your positive skills assessment will also be doubled as your Red Seal qualification, so the assessment of your plumbing skills means that you will be qualified to work as a plumber in Canada. Canada from day one.

How to register to immigrate to Canada as a plumber

As part of your immigration process, your dedicated Plumbers Canada account manager will organize your Red Seal equivalency process so you don’t have to worry. how to move to Canada; they’ll have you covered as soon as you get the ball rolling.

Can I migrate with Migrate Canada without a job offer?

The answer is a resounding yes, provided you have a reasonable total CRS score on your Express Entry application and can meet the 67 immigration point threshold for your Canadian Federal Skilled Trades Visa.

Technically, there is no minimum CRS score required to submit a Plumber Canada Express Entry profile.

Of course, getting a job offer (documented in the right way for immigration purposes i.e. LMT) will give you an instant CRS boost of 600 points, so it makes sense to start this process as soon as possible.

Plumber jobs in Canada

Occupations on Canada’s CNP List can be categorized as “In-Demand” and the Plumber’s Code 7251 has been firmly established on the list for many years with many opportunities across the country.

As a new skilled and highly skilled permanent resident of Canada, you can work full time from day one, either as a direct employee, contractor or self-employed.

Plumber jobs in Canada are often better paid than in the UK, Africa, Europe and Asia, and Canadian labor law respects work-life balance. Additionally, plumbers in Canada are highly unionized, which although sounds like a bad word in many parts of the world, is in fact essential in promoting better wages and conditions throughout the county.

Enlist the help of an immigration expert

While the above is intended as a general guide, you could consult a immigration expert or lawyer.

They understand your profession and can speak your language when it comes to explaining your immigration journey and the path to getting a Canadian visa for you (and your family).

Our Plumber Canada office has a 100% success rate of immigrating qualified plumbers to Canada.