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How to open a retail store (Complete Guide)

  How to open a retail store -The dream of starting a retail business can easily become a reality.  It may take a lot of initial work when you start your own business, but with the right planning, anyone can achieve their goals.  The following steps for starting a retail business should be used as a guide before opening your store.

  Owning your own small business or retail store is a goal of many.  You can be one of the few small business owners who make a dream come true.  You just need to understand where you are in terms of startup costs, cash flow, plus what it takes to be profitable before you even open your doors.  Your marketing strategy should include understanding your target market and what products they will buy from you in sufficient quantities with profit margins high enough to live the lifestyle small business owners dream about.

  A retail company buys products or services from a manufacturer or wholesaler and sells them to consumers.  Simple enough, but the industry is vast – it covers everything from food and clothing to home decor and cars.

  While the size of the retail industry and the number of sectors it covers provides many opportunities for entrepreneurs, it is also very competitive, making it a risky endeavor.  But with some clever planning, you can start a segmentation project that stands out among the competitors.

How much does it cost to open a retail store?

  While having an attractive concept is great for business, your retail store won’t thrive without enough money.  Creating a budget for your new business may seem cumbersome, but if you have an understanding of where the big costs are coming from, it will be easier to tackle.  Here are nine costs you should be aware of when opening a retail business:

  If you sell in person, location is extremely important when opening a store.  Good location means foot traffic and regular customers, and this perfect space comes at a price.  So when you are assessing the cost of starting your store or retail space, consider the cost of the deposit plus the money you would need to redesign, improve, or allocate the space.  If you sell online, you’ll want to consider the costs of producing and hosting your website.

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  So you are passionate about your product, have achieved success in the local market or online selling, and are thinking maybe it is time to open a retail store.  This may sound daunting, but research shows that in-store purchase is being reinvented.  With the explosion of online shopping, keeping the store experience fresh, relevant, and dynamic becomes critical. Below is our detailed guide on how to open a retail store

How to open a retail store

Choose a name for your retail store

  In addition to the other essentials that accompany creating a business plan, take time to find a good business name.  When considering how to create a good business name some factors need to be considered.

  It is also important to verify that the name is not trademarked or actually taken.  You can start with a quick Google search for the name before you take a deeper look at state databases for unavailable business names.  The name doesn’t define the success of your business, so it shouldn’t be the focus when opening a retail store, but you want to at least think about naming your business entity.

  Choosing the right legal organizational structure for your business is one of the most important decisions you will make.  While it is possible to change your structure at a later time, it can also be a difficult and expensive process.  So it is best to make the right decision before you start your own business.

  The most common structure is a limited liability company.  While S corps have a great deal of traction as well, LLC is the simplest structure to use.  However, you’ll want to integrate to protect you and your family in the future in case everything doesn’t go as planned.

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Research the market

  Instead of choosing some areas of your interest and then doing research, you can also start by conducting initial market research on your target audience and knowing their interests.  If you are opening a brick and mortar storefront, you can directly study your audience to determine their needs.  It is possible, and likely, that there are some specific needs of the local population that your store can fill.

Select your products or services

  Choosing the right merchandise to sell on your store is the perfect balance between art and science.  And all products need services to support them. Whether it’s repairs or simply gift wrapping, keep in mind what “additions” your store needs to succeed.

  Most likely, the products you sell are sourced from the products you are passionate about and why you are considering retailing in the first place.  But remember, buying products is 10 percent “eye” and 90 percent mathematics.  Getting it on your store is easy.  Taking it out profitably is the hard part.

Determine your own channels

  Every way a customer can do business with you is known as a channel.  Would you have an online store in addition to your brick and mortar store?  Will you work to catalog or orders over the phone?  Will you have a mobile app?  Retail is a multi-channel world today.  Customers expect to be able to participate and buy from a retailer in multiple ways.  You must predetermine what channels you will have for the customer to engage you and weave a consistent brand, culture, and experience through all of the channels.

Employer workers

  As much as you have told yourself that you don’t need to hire employees or can handle everything on your own, chances are you will have to hire some employees.  After all, you are a business owner, and not a weird wizard!  You can’t stay there all the time, and if you are, your personal life will likely be quickly neglected – and no one wants that.