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How to create a sale sheet

How to create a sale sheet – Sales sheet is a great way to get that first impression.  Short, sweet, and designed to promote the best of your business in a concise one-page package, the killer sales sheet goes a long way in identifying those very important early interactions with a potential customer.

  Now that you have structured your business plan and created your initial product or service, you have reached the most important stage – selling your idea.  Instead of spending a lot of time meeting people in person and making calls to pitch your new idea, a great modern alternative is to create a “live” sales sheet that clearly and accurately defines your product or service and then you can easily share this paper with internal teams, interested stakeholders, and customers Potential.

  What does sales sheet do?

  A good selling sheet is designed to present product information.  It is not a sales flyer or a discount coupon.  It might not even provide pricing information, focusing instead on product features that make the item unique or attractive to potential buyers.

  While selling paper is a marketing tool, it differs strategically from any of the other marketing materials or strategies you might implement at the top of the sales or marketing funnel.

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  Most importantly, the sale sheet provides all the essential information on one piece of paper.  Prospects can look at the page and get a semi-detailed understanding of the product or service offered.

  When done right, the robust sales sheet design highlights key product features and elevates your brand by building trust and attractiveness in the eyes of the customer.  This is why selling paperwork is essential to your marketing plan.

  Why you need to create a sale sheet

  Your website or blog can also tell customers and the features and benefits of the products that you have recently launched in the market.

  So what exactly is so special about a sales sheet?  Why, despite having a website, blog, or social media presence, you specifically need a sales sheet to give details about your product to customers?

  First, the sale sheet will tell potential customers at a glance whether or not your product will meet their needs.  It contains everything a potential customer needs to know and clearly defined guidance that informs them what to do next.  It can also be part of your content for use as a vacation after an introduction, either in person or after an early detection call or email.

  Second, with so many diverse products and features, your sales, marketing, and customer service departments have an enormous amount of data to keep track of.  But if you have sales paper available to support them that could mean fewer R&D calls, fewer sales, and fewer unhappy customers.  It’s a win-win situation.

  When should I use the sales sheet?

  While a flyer or brochure can provide a brief overview of your product and service, a sales sheet can provide a more in-depth approach to marketing a product.  Tech products such as hardware or software can benefit greatly from this format as well.  Real estate services can also benefit from them, especially if they include comparative data between competitors.

  It can be a compelling part of the marketing plan, especially for customers who are on the fence and want to know more about the product.  It’s also useful for press releases where journalists and content creators need specific details for factual reporting.  Finally, you can give it to potential distributors and store owners who want to put it on their shelves.

  How to create a sale sheet

  1. Start with a design template

  StockLayouts ready made design templates provide an excellent starting point to help you create your own sales sheet.  Our stylists have created thousands of designer and tailored designs for a wide range of companies.  Search the design library and download editable files for InDesign, Illustrator, Word, Publisher, Pages, QuarkXPress, and CorelDraw.

  • Add your own pictures and logo

  Professionally designed sales sheet layouts come with high-quality images, original artwork, and logo designs.  You can choose to keep the photos and artwork or replace them yourself.  Insert your own photos and clip art, or cut and paste from other StockLayouts templates to create a custom sales sheet.

  • Add your own text and select fonts

  The layouts include text boxes filled with “Latin” placeholder text and suggested copy content for headers and subheadings.  Font, size, style and color have been carefully curated and laid out to make customization easy.  To edit the placeholder text, simply select it and replace it with your own information to create a unique sales sheet design.

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  • Choose colors that suit your brand

  To evoke just the right feeling, a perfect blend of colors is made by our designers.  The color palette is designed to complement the images and artwork included in each design.  The colors can be easily modified in the sales sheet layout to create your favorite color theme.

  • Print at home or send it out

  Layout files are carefully formatted to meet stringent prepress standards and to ensure high-quality color output.  When the design of your sales sheet is complete, print it internally on your color printer, submit it for professional printing, or create PDFs for online distribution.

How to distribute your sales sheet

  Before we talk about how to create a sale sheet, let’s look at ways to use and distribute one.  This is important because the way you choose to hand out the sale paper will affect the design and layout you use to create it.

  Traditionally, sales papers were printed as sales flyers and can be distributed manually.  This is a solid choice, even today.

  By providing salespeople with a sale sheet, they can cover all the talking points included in the paper and leave it with potential clients for reference.  This way, your selling sheet acts as a visual aid and marketing tool.


  You can also send your sale paper via direct mail by stuffing the envelopes and sending them to clients.  This is a common tactic for local small businesses.  You’ve likely received a real estate sales sheet in your area or a flyer for your local dentist or specialty store.

  Distribution by email is also common.  By sending sales papers electronically, you are veering towards digital marketing.  You will need to design for screen rather than print, bearing in mind that the size of emails may differ from traditional paper size.

  Sales sheets can also be served via mass distribution on social media or through paid visual ads.

  Whatever you choose, make sure you know how to plan your sales pitch before creating it.