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How to Write Brand Copy

How to Write Brand Copy? The best way to write a brand copy or marketing copy for your business is to make sure you keep up with branding guidelines, comply with the voice you’ve created and stick to the marketing plan that your team has creatively created to get your company message across to your target audience.  No matter what type of company you are, there is always a place for great writing, and there is always a way to create a compelling message for your readers.

  A brand copy is the written equivalent of the company logo and associated design standards.  It conveys the character and qualities of the product or service to clients and prospects.  This makes copywriter’s part of a creative team responsible for developing and protecting brand values.

How do you write an engaging copy?

  Think of your organization’s copy as an oral version of your logo or color palette.  Just like these visuals, the text you use on your focal points should have a consistent feel, backed by a clear strategy.  It makes no sense to print all major guarantees with different logos, or completely different colors, if you are trying to focus consumer attention on one consistent branding image.  For the same reason, your copy needs to consistently embody your branding strategy across all of your touch points.

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  A good copy demonstrates your ability to meet the needs of your audience in a way that they cannot reach anywhere else.  Think about the following things before embarking on your copywriting business, or while evaluating your existing copywriting for your brand:

  Your copywriting should be your logo’s best friend, color palette, and graphic design.  And like these visuals, your text should convey your branding promise and standing in the style of your brand’s personality.  Without a clear branding promise or stance, your copy may lack strategic talking points.  Without an authentic and engaging brand, your copy can be perceived as lacking in sound – its tone may clash with what your design elements convey.

  It’s not just your motto.  It’s not even a bunch of graphic design documents showing where to place the said logo on the page.  And it’s not the elegantly designed “brand bible” that your marketing agency might have put together for you.

  Your brand identity is a mixture of intangible traits that work together to set you apart from competitors and “others”.

  Your brand identity revolves around your customer’s relationship with you.  It is the way you present yourself visually and what you sell across all the platforms that you use (both online and offline).  Your brand identity is how you make your customer feel, and what they think of when they think of you.  And an essential part of your branding is your voice: how you speak and write.

  How do you write a branded original across the entire ecommerce and sales marketing funnel to the point where your customers love you so much and can’t stop talking about you?

  First, one quick note: Your ecommerce copy is more about method than product description.  Because product copy can trigger or discontinue a purchase, and because your product page is your best opportunity to make a sale, it can be very tempting to focus only on your site’s product descriptions, then ditch your hands and consider yourself finished copying.

  But there are a lot more branded versions than product descriptions.  There is more than one copy for your website.  There’s a whole path of transcription to consider, from social media posts and pay-per-click ads to the words you’re using to get someone to click the final “complete order” button and beyond.

  You want your customers to know your brand anywhere because you’ve been told about the importance of the brand – and an “authentic” brand is better.

  But what is the brand? How do you Write a Brand Copy? And how do you keep it not only original to you, but consistent across the entire ecommerce marketing and sales funnel?  And what does branding look like when it comes to writing ads?

How to Write Brand Copy

  • Understand brand values

  Brand values ​​are characteristics of a product or service that companies want customers to learn about and recall when they are considering purchasing.  Strong brand values ​​distinguish products from competitive offerings, helping to build and maintain sales.  You should familiarize yourself with these values ​​before writing.

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  A technical product, for example, may have values ​​that make it innovative, reliable or energy-efficient.  A consumer product may present itself as an ambitious, friendly and youthful product or of reasonable quality.  So your branding copy should reinforce those values, rather than just focusing on the features of your product or service.

  • Make a promise

  Brand copy offers promise to clients and prospects.  A technical product such as a composite material, for example, may promise customers that they will be able to utilize innovative materials technology to improve the performance of their products and gain a competitive advantage.  Consumer service such as accident insurance may promise customers that it is affordable, easy to understand, and provides an easy way to file claims.

  • Create brand messages

  To ensure that the brand copy consistently conveys values ​​across all media, develop a set of branding messages.  By creating a standard description of a product or service, you can reinforce brand values ​​every time a customer sees or hears an ad, reads a brochure, visits a website or receives a marketing email.

  An industrial manufacturing product, for example, may help companies reach new levels of productivity and quality.  A consumer health care product may provide individuals with an “opportunity to enjoy a more active lifestyle”.  By repeating these messages across all media, you can ensure that customers instantly connect brand values ​​to the product.


  • Develop a tone

  A consistent tone of voice is essential with the branding copy.  Transcription for a corporate law firm, for example, may have a trusted tone for corporate clients, while a family law firm may write in a friendly, affectionate tone for personal consumers.  A company that markets artistic products may adopt a confident tone that fosters innovation in its values ​​and market leadership.

  • Create a style guide for your brand

  Trademark copies should have a consistent editorial style.  The version reinforcing values ​​such as friendly or easy to use should contain short sentences and simple language.  If you are writing about a complex tech product that is branded as innovative, use a logical structure with clear headings and bullet points to ensure customers understand the concept.  For both tone of voice and style, you’ll need to create a style guide for your brand so that all current and future writers on your team can get guidance on their production and create consistent work.