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High-Paying Careers for Women

High-Paying Careers for Women – Of course, women look for different qualities when it comes to their careers.  Some are looking for well-paying jobs.  Others want jobs that allow them to enjoy a good work-life balance, while others still want to make a difference in the world or exercise their creative talents.

  It’s 2020 but still, somewhere jobs for women in the tech sector are undervalued and only 20% of women work in technology compared to men.  The technological transformation has brought with it new industrial challenges and thus new needs for professionals specializing in IT jobs.  It is estimated that there will be a staff shortage in the next two years, and thus, more women are needed to participate in science and technology jobs.

  The gender gap must be addressed by providing new educational opportunities for women in technological careers, addressing the wage gap and changing the gender stereotypes that have been encountered in recent decades.

  The latest data available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that women in full-time jobs still earn just over 80 cents on a dollar compared to full-time men.

  One of the often cited reasons for the gender pay gap is known as the “glass ceiling,” and it is the invisible barrier in the workplace that prevents women from reaching very high-end positions.  Despite claims to the contrary, the glass ceiling in the United States is still a reality for millions of women in the workplace.

  The result is that while some women work in the higher-paying jobs in the country, they tend to be underrepresented and are paid less for the same work.

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  The job landscape has changed drastically for women over the past few decades – with an even bigger shift coming its way.  The global market, skill shortages in industries such as construction and information and communication technology, and expert expectations that jobs requiring deep human skills (such as empathy, kindness, creativity, and adaptability – traditionally considered female traits) will flourish amid the rise of automation and artificial intelligence, with more high-paying careers for women than any  time ago.

List of High-Paying Careers for Women

1.    Pharmacist

  Pharmacists administer and dispense medications to patients who have received a prescription from their doctors.  Pharmacists also give advice on the use of medicines.

  While most pharmacists work in grocery pharmacies and drugstores, others work in hospitals or in clinical settings.  Pharmacists must hold a doctorate degree in pharmacy and be licensed.  Pharmacists can obtain a license by passing two professional exams.  Pharmacists earn an average income of $ 98,280 per year

2.    Nurse Practitioner

  Nurse Practitioners coordinate patient care.  Working independently or in collaboration with physicians, practice nurses provide primary or specialized health care.  They are also referred to as advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) and must have at least a master’s degree in the field and a state license.  Practicing nurses earn an average annual income of $ 98,332.1

3.    Computer and Information Systems Manager

  Computer and information systems managers – also known as IT managers – design, coordinate, implement, and analyze computer-related projects.  Their responsibilities may include direct work in both software and hardware, web design database development, as well as the overall job of designing the company’s IT approaches and strategies.

  Most IT managers possess a bachelor’s degree in a related field, although many have more specific graduate degrees.  IT managers earn an average annual income of $ 89,804.1


4.    Physician

  Doctors examine patients, diagnose medical conditions, prescribe drugs, and create treatment plans.  There are over 100 different specialties and subspecialties for physicians, including family physician, internal medicine, pediatrician, obstetrician gynecologist and surgeon.  Female physicians earn an average annual income of more than $ 87,204, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

5.    Human Resources Manager

  Human resource managers are responsible for hiring, interviewing, and hiring new members of a company’s employee team.

  Additionally, they may be involved in other aspects of employee relations, including salaries, benefits, and training.  HR workers must also be equipped to handle conflicts in the workplace and be prepared to resolve disputes.  Human resource managers earn a median annual income of $ 69,160.1

6.    Food technologist

  Food technologists study, analyze and research foods, food processes and food composition.  Depending on the specific purpose of the organization for which the food technologist works, they may determine the nutritional content of foods, research new food sources or food development methods, and work with methods of cultivation, preservation, storage, distribution, and supplying information about foods. Average Salary: $ 71,990 (BLS)

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7.    Specialist in big data or artificial intelligence

  Storing, analyzing and evaluating data for decision-making is what today is called the new oil.  This is why engineering, mathematics, and statistics jobs are essential to start a career for women in the data field.

  On the other hand, the use of AI in many everyday areas has evolved to a point where professionals are required in this field.  Data science, independent learning engineering, or neural networks are important topics for new advances for women in technology.