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10 Countries With The Highest Dentist Salaries In The World

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If you are a dentist considering moving abroad, the 13 countries listed below are your best options.

There are some countries that offer much higher wages for the professional services of dentists than some other places around the world. This is certainly true for any profession, but in the healthcare industry, the variations between salaries are more evident.

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In countries where people care more about how their dental health, dentists tend to earn more. In some cases, the values ​​are really high that they generate controversy.

Countries with the highest salaries for dentists

Check below for the list of the thirteen countries with the best annual salaries for dentists.

Singapore$60,500 USD
Spain$176,000 USD
Switzerland$96,800 USD
Norway$93,100 USD
Canada $81,800 USD
United States $74.000 USD
New Zealand$ 73,700 USD
Australia $73,600 USD
Japan$71,500 USD
Ireland$65,600 USD
Netherlands $65,500 USD
Great Britain$57,500 USD

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