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How to find a telemarketer job from home

Working from home as a telemarketer is one of the great opportunities that exist today. Thanks to the internet and new technologies, a generation of remote workers is being created who can develop their trades and/or digital businesses from anywhere in the world.

Do you want to work from the comfort of your home?

The job of a telemarketer is one of the positions that appear the most in the job offers of companies that select people who want to work from home.

In this article, we showed which are the best websites to search for job offers from home.

If you are interested in finding out how to find opportunities to work from home as a telemarketer, below you will find how to access one of these remote jobs.

Work as a telemarketer from home

First of all, you have to know well what a telemarketer is and what is not.

Telemarketers or telephone operators offer customer service. They are responsible for attending and making phone calls to customers.

A telemarketer can work in many types of companies, dedicating himself to different areas. There are technical telemarketers, sales telemarketers, information telemarketers, emergency telemarketers, etc. Everything will depend on the company you work for.

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There are a series of basic rules for all telemarketers: be friendly and courteous, know the language in which you work well, offer a pleasant service, answer customer questions, be decisive, and of course, communicate with effectiveness.

Where to find a telemarketer job from home

To look for work from home as a telemarketer, the ideal is to use the following web portals.

LinkedIn: Through the social network for professionals, you can also find some opportunities to work from home as a telemarketer. Also, if you know languages, you can also do international job searches.

Infojobs: Publish job offers for people who want to work from home as a telemarketer.

Amazon: The e-commerce giant also selects people to work from home. Most of the positions offered are to work in the customer service area as a telemarketer.

Indeed: This web portal does a general search between different job portals.

Job Option: This web portal searches through different job portals as well as the pages of companies that publish job offers from home. In this way you will have a range of the latest published opportunities to work from home as a telemarketer.

There are many more web portals where you can search for telemarketer work from home. You just have to use the keywords “telemarketer from home” or “telemarketer work from home”.

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A good option to not miss any job offer is to put a Google alert that alerts you to your email each time the specified keyword appears. Here you can learn how to create your own Google alerts.

NOTE: We recommend you visit trusted employment web portals as there are many job offers of this type that are fraudulent. You should never pay for work.

How much does a telemarketer earn?

Salaries for a telemarketer will vary depending on the job offer and hours of work. However, the average hourly wage of telemarketers in the United States is $13.39, with a $7200 commission annually.

What experience is required to work as a telemarketer?

It does not require a lot of previous experience to work as a telemarketer. Usually, the companies themselves train their employees in this area. However, everything will depend on the job offer to apply for. Experience in customer service will be an advantage but it is not decisive.

Training to work as a telemarketer

Although there is no mandatory qualification to work as a telemarketer, you can find some courses that will give you an advantage over other candidates.

Here are some courses you can take:

  • Reputable online course on customer service for companies
  • Online course on Telephone Assistance in English
  • Online course on Business Management on the Internet
  • Online course on Provision of Telecare Services: Management of Tools, Techniques and Skills

There you’ve it, our guide on how to find a telemarketers job from home, we hope it was helpful to you, if yes, please share across your social media platforms. Goodluck