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Entry Level Hospital Jobs in USA

The growing transition of the 21st century is expected to extend to the health care system to its fullest extent, hospitals and other health care employers constantly need workers to fill a variety of Entry Level Hospital Jobs such as food assistant, admission representative, administrative assistant, and records  Medical Assistant, housekeeper, patient technician, unit clerk and receptionist.

  Finding a junior position in health care provides an opportunity for rapid career advancement.   Even better, the health sector is one of the best places to get your foot in one job before moving to the very most diversified career ladder that promises long-term job security.

  This is especially true with allied health support functions.  Workers in these 50 or so occupations support doctors and nurses in many ways, including taking X-rays, drawing blood, assisting with physical therapy, and analyzing laboratory samples.

 Newbalancejobs.com has carefully crafted the top eight Entry Level Hospital Jobs that often do not require any employment training and it is expected that there will be a high demand.

  While the health care profession usually begins at the entry-level, an advanced degree can help you get up faster.  Strong knowledge of business administration and principles is useful even in junior roles.

  Beginner Healthcare Manager jobs earn an average of $ 56,000 annually; Gaining skills such as effective budgeting and operations management can put you at the highest level of the wage schedule 2.  The best part of this is that you practically don’t need a real-world experience in an administrative or clinical role in hospitals or other healthcare settings.  So, how do you gain experience when you just graduated?

  Whether you are currently enrolled in healthcare management courses or changing jobs, there are many options for getting your feet up.  Listed below are five entry-level positions that can put you on the right path to an administrative position.

Entry Level Hospital Jobs in USA

  • Certified Nurse Aide-Entry Level

The certified nurse is a valuable member of our team.  We are currently looking for a certified nurse aide for our busy medical department.  This position will be responsible for providing direct care to patients by performing a variety of nursing support tasks in accordance with established methods and procedures.

Qualified candidates will demonstrate dynamic leadership skills and possess outstanding communication skills, while adhering to our mission, vision and values.

Entry-level – $ 3,255 a month,


  • Hospital Housekeeper Trainee

Designated Custodians will have a difference of all working hours in addition to the necessary protective equipment.

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (ARMC) recruits hospital housekeepers who perform a variety of hospital guard duties in an acute care hospital that removes garbage and eliminates vital hazards and acute materials; cleaning and sterilizing surgeries, burns, and intensive care using standard precautions; surveying and sterilizing patient care areas  Upholstery including beds; restocking and cleaning toilets using germicidal solutions.


  • Entry-level Pharmacy Technicians

Desgnated with the duty of preparing medications for patients. He or she will also be responsible for receiving and verifying prescriptions as wellll as obtaining the pharmacist’s approval for all medications before dispensing them.

Also assist the chief pharmacist in storing and pricing drugs in stock, Maintains the safety of the pharmacy (and its employees) by adhering to infection control procedures, policies and regulations.


  • Medical Biller

Medical bills, or health information technicians, collect payments from patients, send payment claims to insurance companies and keep billing records.

  What you need is only a high school diploma or typical fellowship degree, and a certification is often required as well.  What you’ll earn is $ 40,350 annually


  • Medical Secretary

You’ll help with the daily management of medical offices.  Duties can include scheduling appointments, training employees, operating new office technologies, ordering supplies, preparing letters, arranging laboratory procedures and assisting doctors in preparing reports.


  • Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistants provide indirect care and perform routine tasks under the supervision of the nursing and medical staff.  They can accompany patients to operating and examination rooms, keep patient rooms tidy, prepare equipment, store and transport supplies, assist with some procedures, as well as report any changes in the patient’s physical, mental and emotional state.

You must complete a state-approved educational program and pass a state-specific proficiency test to become accredited.  View a sample resume for a certified nursing assistant.


  • Occupational Therapy Assistant

OT assistants work with professional therapists to provide rehabilitation services for people with mental, physical, or emotional disabilities.  The assistants also prepare materials, assemble the equipment for treatment, and perform various written tasks (such as scheduling appointments, answering phones, restocking supplies, and filling out insurance forms).  What you need is a high school diploma or equivalent is usually required.


  • Patient Sitter

You literally have to work under the supervision of a nurse to provide care for patient care services.  You will work in a variety of settings – including hospitals, nursing homes, and assistive living facilities – to maintain and support the daily activities of residents/patients.  What you need is a high school diploma or equivalent is usually required; it is recommended that you complete the CPR course.