Dislocated Worker: Things you need to know about them
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Dislocated Worker: Things you need to know about them

Dislocation as a word is mostly in use when considering a displaced bone but, in this context where it is attached work, it has an entirely different implication. A dislocated worker, therefore, is an individual who experiences a job loss due to situations that are beyond their control.

Dislocated Worker

Such situations that can make an individual a dislocated or displaced worker could be natural disasters like fire outbreak, drought, flood, or unemployment due to the general economic downturn in the victim’s locality.

Furthermore, the Labor Department has put criteria in which one can be considered a displaced worker, these criteria are;

  1. They have been laid off or received a layoff notice from a job.
  2. Dislocated Worker was self-employed but are now without work due to economic conditions or a natural disaster.
  3. They are the spouse of an active duty member of the Armed Forces and have lost employment or are underemployed as a result of relocating due to a permanent duty station change.
  4. They are a displaced homemaker, which is someone who was taking care of a family without pay, and they are no longer supported by their spouse and are unemployed or underemployed.

The term “displaced homemaker” refers to a person who has been dependent on the income of another person to handle his or her owns the family’s unpaid services but is no longer getting the support. The later is a member of another family different or from the same family with the former for instance, a spouse dependent on a member of the Armed Forces.

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Nevertheless, a person who lost his/her job due to their inability to meet with their employers standards or their job requirement is NOT considered a displaced worker. But, if the company they were working with moved to a new location, the can be considered displace.

Intervention A For Dislocated Worker

Dislocated Worker Program services are provided through The state labor offices federally funded by WIA (Workforce Investment Act) provides program services for displace homemakers.

These programs are put in place to ensure that individuals conquers whatever limitations to finding new employment which include not having the necessary skills that can earn them an employment.

It is worthy to note that the program has different services which is dependent on the nature of the job and the worker’s location. These services are career planning and counseling, educational services, skill assessment, job search and placement services, etc.

Eligibility For The Dislocated Worker Program

Not everyone who lost his/her job is eligible for the program, however, workers who have been laid off due to either a substantial layoff, permanent plant closing, foreign competition, and/or a lack of demand for their skills are typically ELIGIBLE for assistance.

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Self-employed workers whose work has been closed up because of the general economy or a natural disaster may also be eligible. Therefore, just like displaced homemakers; manual laborers, farmers, fishermen and women, and agriculturalists in general also belong to this category.

To be well assured you are eligible for Dislocated Worker Program services, kindly check with your state’s labor office.

Also, employees whose job loss is not their fault may be qualified for unemployment benefits. These benefits are dependent on the percentage of the displaced worker while he/she was working and, it is dispersed through the state he/she worked. These benefits are temporary, and to qualify for it, the individual must actively be in search of a job and available for employment.

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