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9 Best Jobs You Can Do Completely On Your Phone

  Smartphones have redefined what it means to work from home and there are a plethora of Jobs you can do completely on your phone.  As remote work is becoming more and more popular, technology allows workers to move away from the traditional setup to work from home, which is a home office with a computer at the desk and a phone and notebook in hand.

  While the idea of ​​working from your phone sounds like you can make money while sitting on the sofa and scrolling, in reality, people who work without a desk and set their own schedules need to be disciplined.  Working on your phone only requires the ability to shift focus from scrolling on Instagram to “working”.

There are many Jobs you can do completely on your phone as many jobs these days don’t require a dedicated workspace or even a computer.  In fact, it is entirely possible to make money using your smartphone as your only resource.  And when paired with a reliable vehicle, a desire to log miles on foot, or a remarkable technical or linguistic skill, a smartphone job can offer a full-time job.

How can I work from home with my phone?

Yes, you can earn money using your cell phone simply by completing tasks and jobs on some sites.  They don’t pay enough to replace your regular job, but they can definitely provide additional income and they will be worth your time.

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  When you deal with these smartphone apps, it’s a great mix-and-match strategy to maximize your profits.  You will find that some of these opportunities don’t pay much cash while others offer a limited number of gigs on offer (you may have to compete for some).

  Some of these companies will have specific requirements for the type of smartphone required to work with them, and even requirements for the operating system your smartphone is running on.  Make sure to check all of these technical specifications before applying so that you won’t be disappointed in the future.  You will also discover that some of these carts can be made on a tablet, so watch out for these Jobs you can do completely on your phone if you have a phone and enjoy using it more.

9     Best Jobs you can do completely on your phone

1.    Technical support

  If you have experience with different types of software or hardware, you can get a job as a technical support expert with a phone only (although a computer may help).  Glassdoor estimates the average base wage for remote tech support workers at about $ 35,800, which is a living wage if you live in many cities or smaller US towns or in a rural location.

2.    Re-seller

  You can make a big profit by selling your items on sites like eBay or Poshmark.  Inexpensive items can be purchased from your favorite reseller site then fix, take good photos, and provide a storefront with professional looking flyers on your phone.  Postal items can also be ordered online and items can be picked up directly from your home for shipment wherever you like.

3.    Social Media Specialist

  If you have a phone, you can access Twitter, Instagram, etc., and you may scroll through your own accounts regularly.  Why not make money while doing something similar on behalf of someone else’s brand?  From celebrity influencers on social media to companies valued at millions of dollars, and even small businesses in the corner, social media has become the primary way in which people develop their branding, interact with customers, and advertise products in a way that does not seem like an advertisement.  Social media professionals understand their company’s mission and work hard to find and share interesting content to attract clients.

4.    Online tutoring

 Palfish allows you to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) to students in China using their app on your smartphone.  To start, you’ll create a profile and record a selfie that will allow them to gauge whether your video is good enough and whether your presentation style suits them.  I’ve read reports that you can make an average of $ 13 an hour with them – you can set your own rates, but you’ll generally want to start low and gradually increase your rates as you win students.

5.    Driving

  Uber entered the delivery area with Uber Eats, giving its drivers the opportunity to get food from local restaurants to their customers.  Depending on your location, you can deliver by car, bike, scooter or even on foot.  They have some requirements for your transportation, so check them before signing up.  You can have payments up to five times a day with same-day payments as well.

6.    Survey taker

  Taking online surveys won’t get you into the next tax bracket, but it’s easy to do in your spare time from your regular job (or family duties) and all you need is a smartphone to do it.  Sites like InboxDollars offer paid survey opportunities as well as little payments for things like watching videos or playing games.

7.    Blogging

  Depending on experience, corporate blogging can span a wide range of topics.  Blogging, often done on a standalone basis, is a way to engage clients and customers through creative storytelling (while anonymously promoting the brand).  Blog articles can be written remotely, yes, even on your phone: you just have to be able to search, write and publish your articles using your device.  One thing to remember: In this case, AutoCorrect is not your friend.  When writing on the phone, be sure to proofread before sending an article to an editor.

8.    Market research

  Organizations need information about who is buying what and why.  While demographics and sales trends can be tracked using data, customer feedback is a key factor that can help analysts understand their numbers and increase the effectiveness of their marketing.  If you have a phone, you can call customers and find out how they rate the company’s product by taking surveys over the phone.  Sure, while this is the phone equivalent of a marketing email asking you to rate and review your purchases, and while you may pause (a lot), collecting this research can also earn you a little extra cash without ever having to set foot in a room.

9.    Task taker

  With apps like TaskRabbit or Gigwalk , you can use your smartphone to find small jobs in your area that pay as little as five dollars up to $ 100 or more, and this can always be completed in a few hours at the most.  From picking up groceries to building Ikea furniture to moving sofas, enough small carts tied together can approach a full-time job.