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What Is The Difference Between A Job and Career?

Most times, people seek jobs and desire to build a career without knowing the actual difference between job and career. In this article, we shall be sharing the difference between job and career.

We will look at the two terms ‘job and career’ carefully by reason of their original definitions and draw out the difference between them in reality. After reading his, you will always at a the sound of the words job or career tell what the difference is.

What is a Job?

A job is a work you do just for the sole aim of earning some money to make ends meet for yourself and family at large. In other words, a job is a any endeavour ventured into with the sole aim of earning a living.

This clearly shows that you can have a job and yet not want to build a career around it because you just want to earn some money for other important goals you must have set for yourself.

What is a Career?

A career is a journey that simply starts with learning, then application of acquired knowledge in a job and then systematically growing to higher levels in any field of your choice.

A practical example is when you study medicine and eventually become a medical doctor who will eventually save lives and from experience gain more levels of exploits with so much passion and love for the profession.

In other words, career building gives rise to a profession because it deals with specific fields.

What are the differences between Job(work) and Career?

Here are some differences between these two terms.

  • A Job is just for earning a living while Career deals with a specific profession
  • A work has less impact on your future life but Career does has an influence on it as regards your growth in a field of your choice.
  • Job most times don’t care if you are qualified in that field but a career surely considers your basic qualification status in the said field.
  • A work offers you few networking opportunities but a career is loaded with uncountable networking opportunities.
  • A work gives you a chance to learn but a career helps you learn , develop and evolve in a field
  • A work confines you within an employers circle of thought but a career allows you to be creative and innovative without bounds
  • A work helps you earn ranks and money well but a career makes you an employer of labour with time