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Tips to Becoming A Birth Injury Lawyer in Chicago

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Birth injuries happen due to negligence or carelessness of medical practitioners. The cases keep increasing daily, hence, this has made victims of birth injuries constantly seek out help by hiring birth injury lawyers.

At different points in time, we have seen special kids on the street of Chicago, right? Then we let our minds wonder what could have happened to them. Well, what has happened to most of these kids is birth injuries.

For instance, In Chicago, if as a mother you have suffered from a birth injury or your child has during delivery or labor, you can hold whoever is responsible accountable because birth injuries are expensive to take care of.

For some, it could be months, years and at times it could be for as long as one lives. Who would cater for all of these? It wouldn’t be fair on you to suffer twice. So you can let the responsible party cater for it all, and the becomes possible only if you have a birth injury lawyer in Chicago who can come to your aid.

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Who is A Birth Injury Lawyer?

A birth injury lawyer is an educated and experienced lawyer whose area of focus is representing plaintiffs based on no win no fee in cases that concerns medical malpractices or mistakes. At times, he could represent defendants who have been accused by a plaintiff for a birth injury claim.

These lawyers are governed by medical malpractice laws where medical practitioners are accused of flouting values that led to birth injuries.

Tips To Becoming A Birth Injury Lawyer in Chicago

To become an injury lawyer in Chicago is not a very difficult step, however, some educational steps must be strictly followed.

  • Grade 12th,
  • Bachelor Degree,
  • Law School Admission Test,
  • Law School,
  • Jurisprudence Doctor of Law Degree,
  • Bar Exam.

There are no specific majors to offer while in undergraduate school, but the best courses that can boost your comprehension, reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical skills such as philosophy, English, sociology, political science, etc should be what to major in because it is on that foundation a building will be erected upon in Law school.

Below are advisable courses to offer.

First Semester

  • Labour law,
  • Family Law,
  • Crime law.

While optional subjects include:

  • Trust,
  • Contract,
  • Criminology,
  • Women & Law,
  • International Economics Law.

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Second Semester

  • Constitutional law,
  • Family law,
  • Professional ethics,
  • Law of Tort and Consumer Protection Act.

Third Semester

  • Law of Evidence,
  • Environmental law,
  • Human rights and International Law,
  • Arbitration, conciliation, and alternative.

Fourth Semester

  • Jurisprudence,
  • Practical training – Legal aid,
  • Property law,


  • Law of Insurance,
  • Comparative law,
  • Intellectual Property law,
  • Conflict of law.

Fifth Semester

  • Legal writing,
  • Interpretation of statutes,
  • Administrative law,
  • Civil procedure code,
  • Land laws (ceiling and  other local laws)

Sixth Semester

  • Company law,
  • Code of criminal procedure,
  • Practical training (Moot court),
  • Practical training (Drafting).


  • Law of Taxation,
  • Cooperative law,
  • Investment and securities law,
  • Banking law.

To be a birth injury lawyer in Chicago, you must deeply focus on the Law of Tort and the Law of Crime during your undergraduate days (Bachelors Degree) and you can choose to furthermore on those two subjects by going for a Two-year master’s course.

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Becoming a birth injury lawyer in Chicago is not difficult, but the question is, can you be committed? Can you give yourself to diligently study to be able to represent your client better?

Becoming a birth injury lawyer takes approximately 7-8 years of your life. During all of these, there is internship, externship, pro bono work, volunteering, etc which will give you prior experience and help you get better at the end of the day as well as boost your resume.

A birth injury lawyer is one of the careers you should consider if you are seeking to pursue your career as a lawyer in Chicago. It is one of those ways you can help humanity as well as helping people get justice. Both mother and child could be a victim of birth injury, so if you diligently give yourself to study, you can save a family and forever be cherished in their history.

Have you been discouraging your sibling or kids from being a birth injury lawyer?do that no more.

From the tips above, you have learned how to become a birth injury lawyer in Chicago, right? You can see it is a rigorous process, so do well to allow them to do their work without interfering.

Do well to celebrate a Chicago Lawyer you know today. It could be through a call or a text, they deserve it.

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