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Interview Question: Tell Us About Your Biggest Challenge as a Student

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One of the most common questions students are asked in job interviews tells us what your biggest challenge as a student was?

I am challenged with this question, so I decided to find an answer that would differentiate me from other candidates and get my foot in the door at my dream company. 

This is the story of how I managed to go above and beyond in my courses, turning what could have been an obstacle into an opportunity to shine on my transcript. 

Join me as I share my experience with you and how I was able to overcome my interview and was employed.

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What Was My Biggest Challenge as a Student?

The biggest challenge I faced as a student was time management. 

I struggled to balance homework, extracurriculars, and social activities. 

This led to me feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. 

However, I eventually found a system that worked for me and helped me stay on top of my commitments.

I made sure to plan, write down all my deadlines in one place, delegate tasks to myself or others when necessary, and get enough sleep.

With this new strategy, I no longer felt overwhelmed or stressed. 

I found it easier to work harder because I had more time for schoolwork. The system also taught me how to organize my thoughts and manage stress levels effectively. 

Finally, the new habits I learned have stuck with me into adulthood. They’ve even helped me be more productive at work. 

These days, I’m always up-to-date with my goals and know what steps to take next. 

Of course, there are always obstacles and challenges along the way, but now I know exactly what to do when they come up. 

As far as advice goes, find a system that works for you. 

Write down your priorities in one place so you can track them better than ever. 

And remember: we all need some time off from studying every once in a while.

What Did I Learn From My Biggest Challenge as a Student?

Though my biggest challenge as a student was tough then, I’m grateful for my challenges as a student. 

They taught me how to be resilient and better advocate for myself. 

Plus, overcoming these challenges has made me a stronger person overall. 

Here’s what I learned from facing my biggest challenges head-on: 

  1. It’s okay to ask for help. 
  2. It’s also okay to take a break when you need it. 
  3. You are capable of more than you think you are. 
  4. Challenging yourself is how you grow and learn. 
  5. You are not alone in facing these challenges; others have gone through (or are currently going through) similar experiences. 

Reach out to them or find someone who can serve as your mentor if you’re feeling lost. 

And remember that there is no shame in asking for help, so don’t let fear get in the way of reaching out.

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Final Thoughts for Other Students Who Are Facing Similar Challenges in Their Lives

As a student, plenty of challenges will come your way. But don’t get discouraged.

 Every challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow. 

Here’s what I learned from overcoming my biggest challenge as a student 

  • Find the root cause of the problem so you can address it effectively 
  • Keep practicing; you’ll eventually find something that works for you 
  • You are not alone – talk to someone if you need help or advice 
  • Be patient with yourself and remember to enjoy the process. There are many small victories along the way 
  • We all have our own stories, but in the end, we’re all on this journey together. 

The most important thing is to keep striving and never give up. We are all different, but no one person has the perfect solution. 

Be proud of who you are, work hard, and keep at it. There will always be people to support you and cheer you on.

Back then, when I was going through these challenges, I read many books that helped me in my journey, and I would love to share them with you.

Books that were important at the time were

  1. The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne 
  2. Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens 

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As a student, the biggest challenge I faced was time management. 

I had to learn how to juggle my schoolwork with extracurricular activities, homework, and studying. 

The key was finding a balance and making time for everything. 

I also had to learn to be more organized and efficient with my time. By doing this, I overcame the challenge and succeeded in school.

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