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Common Advertising Job Interview Questions And Answers

When you are shortlisted for an advertising job interview, there are certain questions that the interviewer must throw at you that you should be ready for if you must scale through the interview to start an advertising career.

In this article, we bring you some common advertising job interview questions and steps on how to answer them appropriately to land your advertising dream job smartly with no stress.

Common advertising job interview questions and answers

Here are common questions you will encounter at the interview session and how to answer them.

Tell us about your last career role

This question is to know your background and where you are coming from. The interviewer expects a detailed answer that explains what you were at your last/current job so that the employer will know where exactly you fit in.

Why did you desire a change of job?

This is a question aimed at getting you to share your personal reason for wanting to build a career with the current company you are having an interview with. So, you must be smart to answer this question with reference to the career you intend to build.

Tell us what you know about advertising job roles

This is a test of knowledge in the field of advertising. You must share smart ideas as regards advertising to help the interviewer see how much resource you possess on the inside by knowledge which is what the company needs.

What advertising skills do you have that will benefit our company ?

The interviewer at this point wants to know how skilled you are and what you intend to use the skills you have to achieve within their company. This is an opportunity for you to showcase yourself. Market yourself properly at this point.

What strategies would you employ in increasing a customer base?

This question is centered on discovering your marketing skills. So, share with the interviewer your strategies on how to grow a customer base to a desired volume within a specific period of time.

What advertising funnels do you use?

The employer would use this question to find out how current you are with current working funnels in the field of advertising businesses. You must make sure you are conversant with the recent channels of advertising to be able to answer this question to the interviewer’s satisfaction.


Study these questions and see the patterns to use answers to the questions at the interview session.