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2 Easy ways to send money from India to Nigeria to your employees

2 Easy ways to send money from India to Nigeria to your employees


Send money from India to Nigeria. Photo: Pixabay

Ways to send money from India to Nigeria. Photo Credit: Pixabay

Sending morning to foreign countries can be easy if approached using this 3 easy ways. You can either use any of these ways to send money from India

to Nigeria or better still copy the steps we specified above. Please note that for all foreign transfer there is a limit to what you can transfer or even receive quarterly.

Some time ago a client sent some money to me through Western Union money transfer from India to Nigeria, not knowing what my receive limit is, I rushed to the bank only to be told that I cannot withdraw the cash.

Today we complied these 2 easy ways to send money from India to Nigeria just to aid your transfer or receiving process.


  1. Through Western Union
  2. Through MoneyGram


Through Western Union


Western Union has made receiving money from India so fun for me. This happens to be my favorite. Aside from the constant network failure they experience I’ll recommend western union for you to try today. Below are the steps you can use to withdraw cash through Western Union.

Here is how you can send cash via Western Union:

Step 1. Visit Western Union website to find the nearest physical location in India or better still use their site to transfer funds.

Step 2. Bring in your cash, your ID (passport) or other documents that identify you.

Step 3. Enter the Full name of the money recipient, his or her phone number and other details currently.

Step 4. There should be a special ‘send money’ form you’ll have to complete. You’ll need to enter the recipient’s name and your name, other information, funds amount etc.

Step 5. Once the transaction is made at the office or by you online, you will be sent a secret MTCN code.

Step 6. Let the recipient know the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number).

Step 7. Your money recipient from Nigeria can track the code and see when the money is available for pick up. He or she has to bring the ID and MTCN number to the physical Western Union office to receive cash. Please don’t fail to inform your recipient that he or she should not disclose the MTCN details to anyone until the money is withdrawn.

Through MoneyGram

The second method you can use to send money from India to Nigeria is through MoneyGram.

This method seems to be very popular and safe but one disadvantage about this method is that once you start the withdrawal process in any bank you can’t change the bank until you are done. Many employers use this medium to send salaries and other monetary entitlement to their workers from India to Nigeria.

Here is how you can send cash via Through MoneyGram to Nigeria.

Step 1. The first thing you do is to locate an agent closest to you and then visit the agent.

Step 2. Go with your money along with your documents to the agents’ office. Make sure you go with a valid means of identification your international passport will be okay.

Step 3. You will be asked to fill a ‘send money’ form. Carefully Do so. You’ll need to write down your personal details, the recipient’s name, the amount of money etc.

Step 4. You will know a tracking number (special code) which you have to provide to money recipient.

Step 5. The recipient from Nigeria can go to First Bank, Ecobank, Diamond Bank, UBA, etc to pick up cash. He or she will need to know the special transaction code and bring the user ID (passport).


Sending money to Nigeria through India can be easy and straightforward. To make it easier we encourage you to ask the receiver if the country you are sending the cash to has a limit to what he or she can receive quarterly. And also, this is not the only way you can send money from India to Nigeria.