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Quitting a job you hate: 10 Easy Ways to Quit a Job You Hate

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 Quitting a job you hate – If you hate your job, you may need to quit.  However, it is important to leave your job in agreement with the employer and co-workers, if possible.  Keep in mind that when applying for a new job, hiring managers will contact the employer to confirm your reason for leaving.  You may even need to seek a recommendation from your employer.  There are ways you can leave a job you hate while remaining polite and professional.

Should I quit a job I hate without another job?

  Before quitting a job you hate, spend some time thinking about what you don’t like about your job.  Perhaps you can find a solution instead of handing in your resignation.  For example, if you work in a noisy environment that makes it difficult for you to concentrate, you might ask your employer if you can work remotely once or twice a week or move to a quieter area.  Also, if you no longer like the long commute, remote work may be the answer.

  You might like your supervisor, your job, and your paycheck, but you have an annoying coworker who makes you miserable.  Working with a bad guy doesn’t justify quitting the job you love.  Additionally, if you resign, you may be unemployed without pay for some time until you are hired.  Therefore, consider all of your options before deciding to leave the job.

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How to quit a job you hate –  Quitting a job you hate

·         Think carefully and seriously about your life and your options.

  Are you living the life you wanted or did you dream about?  Or are you letting your shots recall what is expected of you, or what you think you should do?  Take a step back and see where you stand.  Do you work for great things?  Or are you drowning in the medium?  If you aren’t living the life you want, and you find yourself negative in your choices, start taking active steps to change that.  Live by design, not by default.

·         Face your fears

As scary as it is to start over (at any point in your career), isn’t it scarier to think of yourself regretting having stayed put several years down the line? Regret rarely shows up until it’s too late. Try to fear failure less than dissatisfaction when your chances at another chance dry up.

Imagine the absolute worst case scenario. All your gravest what-ifs. What does that look like? Clearly define what your biggest fears coming true might look like. Then ask yourself, “So what?” Is it livable? Workable? Even, perhaps, preferable to your current situation?

If there’s a nagging little voice in you telling you to quit and go after something better? Chances are you’re right. Listen to yourself and act deliberately to affect the change you crave. Think of it as your inner GPS.

·         Trust your guts

  Have the confidence to know you would be better – and happier after quitting a job you hate – if you could do what you love.  Even if you do something you love the most.  If you can’t reach your dream job in one leap from your current job, try a step up.  Everything is better than sluggish, especially when you are not happy in your place.  Think about all the time and energy you put into what you don’t like.  Imagine how better you could be and feel!

  Studies actually show that happiness fuels success and good performance – not the other way around.  Build a life and career around what makes you happy and the rest must follow, crazy as it sounds.

·         Live in the present moment.

  It is important to watch the future.  But it’s also important to stay grounded.  Be realistic about what you can and cannot achieve from where you are right now.  What can you do now?  Start there.  You are not alone.  What you feel is completely normal and human and many people are going through the exact same thing.  Take comfort in this fact.

·         Be clear about your purpose.

  You want to change, but why?  Be clear about why you are not satisfied, why you are leaving, and why you are taking risks.  As long as you stay on the message, you will remain focused and can be confident that you are heading in the right direction.

·         Build a network of support.

  Find people who support, inspire, and motivate you.  One who thinks like you and is open to the kind of life you want to live.  Build a network of these people, both business and personal, in person and online.

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·         Realize that you may have to take risks to gain.

  A small risk now, or even a small sacrifice, can pay off big down the road.  Bet yourself and find out how to be a winner when the chips are low.

  Imagine yourself on your deathbed.  Are you proud of you present?  Try to live in a way that would bring a smile to your face in the past.  Make sure that you end up satisfied and satisfied with what you choose.

·         Remember timing can be everything.

  But this does not mean that you have to wait for the ideal conditions for a change or a leap in faith.  The perfect conditions will never appear.  You will never be 100% ready to make a major change.  Align as many stars as possible, but remember that sometimes you have to accept that things may never be perfect.  And you can’t.  Do what you can the moment you introduce yourself.


·         Trust the process

  You may not be able to know where all of this is leading, but if you follow your intuition and stay true to your goal (and reality), you can trust that it will take you where you want to go.  Just focus on the next step.  Change is scary and uncomfortable.  The new is difficult and cumbersome.  Make the new being uncomfortable comfortable.  Make this a part of your journey.

·         Have faith, not fear.

  Both faith and fear are two types of uncertainty.  Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.  And he took effective steps to achieve this.  Don’t just sit back and worry that won’t be possible.

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