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15 Crazy and weird interview questions that Top Recruiters Ask

 Funny, bizarre, and weird interview questions can be a powerful tool for gathering information about a potential candidate as long as it’s used properly.  If the interviewer doesn’t know what to look for, asking a bizarre interview question just in order to do so will be meaningless and embarrassing.

  There are some standard interview questions most of us will be familiar with and expect to come across in an interview.  General questions such as “Tell us a little about yourself”, “Why do you want to work for us?”, ‘Your Biggest Achievement Description’, etc. are all typical interview fodder. Most candidates will feel well equipped to answer.

  Increasingly, however, companies are throwing the curveball; a seemingly strange and irrelevant question that can completely surprise the candidate.  These questions are often designed to assess a candidate’s ability to reason, analytical reasoning, and the general way of viewing the world – with the process of getting an answer usually more important than the actual answer itself.

  The job interview process is very stressful.  Dozens of typical questions your future career will depend on.  But it can turn into a real disaster when the recruiter begins asking queer and quiet interview questions.  An unprepared applicant may get stuck in a state of confusion and loss.  But after reading this article, you will know why individual questions are asked of you in the interview and what kind of answers you are expected to provide.

Weird interview questions

  As you prepare answers to common job interview questions, you should also expect some bends.  Interview questions aren’t always related to your skills and work experience.  After all, there is only so much of your character that a recruiter can grasp from your question about your proficiency in PowerPoint.  From identifying your spiritual animal to the celebrity you pick for a day, hiring managers love to force you to deviate from the traditional path to see how you think and what to reveal about you.  Don’t let the intentionally weird interview questions confuse you.


5     Crazy and weird interview questions that Top Recruiters Ask

1.    If you had to drown on a deserted island, but all of your human needs – like food and water – were taken care of, then what would you like to have with you?

  This question, posed by companies like Yahoo, encourages the candidate to demonstrate creativity and innovation.  Additionally, it helps you prioritize your candidate.  For example, a candidate who says he needs “some kind of infinite book, and my laptop” shows different values ​​than a candidate who says he wants, “music and boat.”

  Although there is no right answer, you want a candidate who demonstrates the ability to prioritize and think logically in difficult situations.  For example, your candidate might say, “I’d like to bring a laptop with wifi with a wind generator to charge the batteries and a spark plug. I can do my work and stay in contact with friends on my laptop, and I can use the lighter to light fires and keep warm at night.”

2.    How would you solve problems if you were from Mars? 

  This weird interview questions, posed by Amazon, helps you see if your candidate can think outside of the traditional or the mundane.  You’ll want your candidate to demonstrate his ability to solve problems, even under strange circumstances.  Their answer can show you if they are able to enter a new work environment and assess them fairly before providing solutions.

  For example, the ideal candidate might say, “If I were on Mars, they would likely have their own problems separate from those on Earth. First, I would conduct research to determine cause and effect, and then I would offer possible solutions.”  With this answer, the candidate the interview candidate is showing the ability to think and analyze when making decisions.

3.    Are you more of a hunter or a collector?

  Asking this is a way for the interviewer to find out about your strengths and weaknesses.  To answer this question, try to tailor your answer to fit the qualifications of that specific job.  You can think of Hunters as being more aggressive and assertive, which is best suited for a leadership role.  Multitasking collectors are skilled at gathering data and other information.

4.    If you were on an island and could only bring three things, what would you bring?

  The interviewer might ask these weird interview questions to determine how creative and innovative you are.  This question is also a great way for an employer to find out what things in your life are your top priorities.  Your answer should show your creative side and show your ability to solve difficult problems.

  Your answer should be “I will bring a laptop computer and a solar-powered generator and a lighter. I will use the laptop to work and keep in touch with family and friends. The solar-powered generator will be to charge the laptop battery. I will use the lighter to light a fire for warmth and cooking.”

5.    If you were granted superpowers, what superpower would you like to have?

  Employers ask this as a way to measure your ability to drive.  Another way to think about this question is to ask yourself: “Would you rather be in the spotlight or behind the scenes?”  Employers are looking for an employee who matches the company culture and will be a valuable team player.  Any answer to this question should mention teamwork and should highlight your strengths.

  Your answer should be “I will choose to fly because I enjoy taking charge and taking the lead on projects. I am more than able to work independently, but I also love to collaborate as part of a team.”


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