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How to calm nerves before interview | It Works

How to calm nerves before interview – Nerves are the body’s natural response to being in a new position.  Interview nerves occur when the stress response is triggered and your body suddenly prepares itself to fight or flight due to the perceived danger of a job interview.  During this process, the body may begin to show physical reactions such as a rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, paleness or redness of the skin, dilated pupils or twitching.

  These responses are involuntary, and while they are helpful in risky situations, it is best to remain calm before going to an interview.  Fortunately, there are many practices and techniques you can try to de-escalate your interview tension or to calm nerves before interview.

  15 minutes before a job interview can be horrible.  Job seekers aren’t exactly sure what to do at the time – but experts suggest you look in the mirror, take a deep breath, and do whatever it takes to focus and calm.  These 15 minutes are your chance to put yourself in the right frame of mind, set your energy and focus on whom you will meet, what you want them to remember about you, and what you want to ask of them.

Is it bad to be nervous during an interview?

  It’s normal to feel a certain degree of stress in a job interview before and during a job interview.  You might really like the job and know that you have to work under pressure, or you might be naturally shy.  You all know the interviewer will be in control of the conversation and you don’t know what questions to ask.  This can lead to anxiety and make you feel nervous in a job interview.

  Do not worry.  There are a number of tips to follow to to calm nerves before interview.  Try to be positive and not push yourself too hard.  You might have read guides on how to write a résumé and spent time applying for jobs.  You made it to the interview stage, which is cool.  Meanwhile, there are other jobs out there so it wouldn’t be the end of the world if you didn’t get the job.

  Preparation is the key to overcoming job interview nerves.  There are a number of steps you can take during the days leading up to the big day, and other job interview tips to help you calm down on the day of your interview.


How to calm nerves before interview

1.    Justify your fears

 It is not the situation itself that causes us anxiety, but our awareness of that situation.  So try to identify any negative thoughts you have about the interview (for example, “I’m not experienced enough to do this role”) and challenge them (“I have valuable experience of my time working at X”).

  Remind yourself that you would not have been invited to the interview if the employer did not believe you were right in the role.  Your potential employer is already qualified enough to invite you for an interview – before the results or even hundreds of others – so you’ve already sailed over the first very difficult hurdle.

2.    Listen to a motivational playlist

  Movement and music can instantly put you in a place of confidence.  Choose a favorite song that fills your heart with passion.  The songs and movements linking you to your most beautiful will allow you to experience full strength in the moment, so you can get in and smash it

3.    Avoid stimulants

  What you eat and drink before an interview plays a big role in how your nerves appear.  Avoid coffee and other caffeinated drinks, as they will make you appear shaky and unable to concentrate.  Drink water, but be sure to enter the interview room with an empty bladder to avoid distraction.

4.    Chew gum

  Some experts advise that chewing a piece of gum can calm any boisterous nerves, but remember to shake it carefully before you meet anyone at your potential workplace, as that’s not a good look for a first meeting.

5.    Embrace positive self-talk

  Psychologists and therapists remind us that the language we use to speak to ourselves can have a powerful effect on our beliefs and actions.  So reformulating unhelpful ideas into constructive ones can make a real difference.  Another positive thought process is visualizing how you will feel when the interview ends.  Arrange an evening snack to look forward to, perhaps have a drink with a friend or partner you can have fun with and talk about what happened.

6.    Look in the mirror.

  Friedman suggests plunging into a nearby restroom or clothing store to check yourself in the mirror.  You may have left the house looking like a million dollars, but you can still arrive like a tramp.  This is also a great time to wash your hands and make sure your nails and palms are clean.  If you wear comfortable shoes and plan to change formal shoes, make sure you don’t do so in the office.

7.    Breathe slowly and deeply

  When we feel stressed, our breathing patterns change: breathing becomes shallow, the rate quickens, and our hearts begin to race.  Breathing techniques can help reduce your heart rate and make you feel calm.  There are many different breathing techniques, but one of the simpler ones focuses on “slow breathing”: breathe normally but focus on exhaling slowly and steadily until your lungs are completely empty.  Extending the exhalation will naturally deepen the inhalation.  Keep doing this for a few minutes until you feel more comfortable.

8.    Bear in mind that they are on your side

  The interviewers will know that you are nervous and will let it go.  In fact, in our experience, we never saw a candidate lose a job simply because he was nervous.  However, we saw the candidates lose because they were so comfortable and appeared to be uninterested.


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