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Best answer to “what is your greatest accomplishment” Question in an Interview

  A common behavioral job interview question used by interviewers is: “What is your greatest accomplishment?”  It is a frequently asked interview question that is asked for a specific reason.  Usually, people don’t have much experience talking about their greatest accomplishments, but it is actually a great opportunity to discuss your most impressive accomplishments.

  However, it often happens that job candidates do not get everything from this opportunity because they do not feel comfortable with not being humble or they do not want to “show off” in such a dangerous situation.  This is the main reason why you should prepare an answer that discusses your greatest accomplishments.  By doing this, you show the interviewer that you have self-knowledge and that you are taking the interview very seriously.

  When hiring managers ask questions like “What is your greatest achievement?”  , They are trying to get a better idea of ​​what you value and how you define success.  They want to know what sets you apart from other qualified candidates if hired.

  Answer a question such as “What is your greatest achievement?”  It allows you to influence the way the interviewer sees you.  It is a chance to show you your eligibility and what an impressive factor you could be.  To answer this question, practice speaking confidently about your accomplishments and making sure your examples relate to the job you want.

How do you answer what is your greatest accomplishment?

  The interviewers want to hear that you describe your best work or what makes you proud.  Don’t give credit to team projects. Rather express how the contribution you made to a process helped it succeed.  Take care not to act yourself out too hard, and don’t use disciplinary scenarios to show off strength.

  During the interview, you may hear different versions of this question.  The hiring manager can ask, “What is your best achievement on your most recent job?”  Or, they may ask you to tell a story about a time when you felt proud at work.

  When you answer this question, “What is your greatest achievement”, you offer the interviewer to be close to your character, what you think mentioned the accomplishment value, and what you have accomplished in your job.  Every hiring manager wants this information to remain if he doesn’t know enough to require you to accomplish your greatest achievement.  They are in space because they want to discover the best candidate.  You can craft it more easily for them by not being so cute to the track and going with the most important material.


Best answers to “what is your greatest accomplishment”

1.    Research

  Next, it is important to understand the company to get a better understanding of what the hiring manager values ​​or looks for in the candidate.  You should review the job description, any social media sites, company website, and any employee reviews you can find online.  This research can help you define a story that targets what the company needs.

  For example, if you notice that taking ownership of projects and exceeding expectations is a core value for the company you’re interviewing for, you might choose to tell the hiring manager when it stepped up to take responsibility for something, even when it did.  It may not be your responsibility.

2.    List your accomplishments

  Start by making a list of all your workplace accomplishments.  This can help you keep in mind specific accomplishments that you can refer to based on what you discuss in the interview.  If you find it difficult to think about specific accomplishments, think about times your work has been appreciated.  If you are a recent graduate, you may want to consider volunteering that you have been involved in or even the academic achievements that you are most proud of.

3.    Choose something that is as modern as possible and somewhat relevant to that  job.

  Realize that this is not always possible.  If your best and most impressive achievement was five years ago, you can still use it!  My point is that if you are discussing a few options for the stories you want to share, you should always choose the newest and most relevant to the job you are applying for whenever possible.

  And be sure to choose something that has had a major overall impact on your career.  Then be specific and talk about the results.  Show exactly what you achieved and why it was such a huge achievement.  How did it help you?  How did you help your team or business owner at that time?  If you just graduated and your achievement was in an internship or a college class, what did you learn, what challenges did you overcome, and how did this help you get to where you are today?

4.    Choose a career achievement even if they don’t specifically ask for it.

  Sometimes, employers will demand the greatest professional achievement, sometimes they leave it open for interpretation and simply say, “What is your greatest achievement?”  No matter how the question is formulated, keep your answer focused on professional achievement.

  “In my last job I was responsible for managing orientation and training programs for our new employees. Unfortunately, the content was not attractive. While the information was essential for our new employees, we found that only 35% of the new hires did not complete the training. We also received bad reviews on the course evaluation forms.  I decided to reformulate the training program to make it more relevant and interesting based on industry best practices and comments on evaluation forms. Today, 93% of participants completed the training and gave positive feedback about their experience My manager was very happy with the improvements that she asked me to lead a training seminar in our office in New York. “

5.    Quantify your achievement

  A simple way to show a potential employer what you are capable of is by measuring your accomplishments.  In other words, link your achievement to a specific percentage or dollar amount.  However, if you cannot quantify your accomplishments, avoid the temptation to expand the truth or claim that you did something you did not.

6.    Structure your answer effectively

  While finding a fulfillment related to what the company is looking for is an important first step, how you structure your story is also something to consider.  The best way to achieve this is with the STAR method.  With this method, you talk about the situation or problem you were facing, the task or role you played in the situation, the action you took to solve the problem, and the result you achieved.


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