10 Best companies to work for in Austin | 2021
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10 Best companies to work for in Austin | 2021

Best companies to work for in Austin – If you are looking for a new job in the Austin area or a fresh start in this artsy city, find a company that supports your personal and professional growth.  Companies on our list of the best companies to work for in Austin earn their places by being the highest-rated employers by the women working there – without any input from the companies themselves.  This is an employee-driven list.

  These Austin-based companies are rated the best for “comparison” work for their employees.  This means that they are doing something very right.  A job can be a source of great happiness or great suffering, so the fact that these employees are so passionate about the companies they work for is a sure sign that they have found this perfect mix of culture, wages and the environment.

What big companies are in Austin TX?

  The following list is a straightforward leader board of the top companies in the region based on the ratings and reviews of current employees.  Companies are ranked based on their ratings all the time and the ranking can change when employees leave new ratings and reviews.

  Ask the average person what makes a good company to work for, work-life balance opportunities, a good living wage, and medical benefits top the list.  However, there is no one-size-fits-all standard for what makes a great place to work.

  While one person may appreciate a work culture based on continuous collaboration, another person may prefer to work more independently.  Or maybe you want a job that comes with a great deal of travel while someone else places great importance on getting around the office.  Whatever your preferences and goals, there are some important factors to consider when considering working for a new company.

  Thanks to its legendary music scene, great food, and status as a fast-growing technology hub, Austin, Texas is known for attracting a vibrant crowd of professionals with diverse interests.  The next 15 companies are just as dynamic as their location, offering exciting careers in food, fashion, finance, inter-company tech services, and more.  All of them are hiring now!

  Austin tech companies account for a large amount of all technology-related revenue in Texas – second only to the DFW region.  Diversity provides immense job opportunities for those who move to the Austin area.


  Here is a list of the largest employers in Austin.  It includes companies and governmental / municipal organizations in a range of industries along with a brief description of each company / organization and its services.  Whether you work for a startup or want to work for a more traditional brand, you’re sure to find your groove.  Scroll to find the right place for you.

Best companies to work for in Austin

1. Cloudflare

  Cloudflare is made up of a diverse team of intelligent, inquisitive, and committed people who come together in a mission to help build a better internet.  The team adopts an inclusive work environment and a culture of openness, cooperation and transparency.  The company is growing rapidly and looks to be hired in a range of departments – from engineering to sales to marketing – with offices around the world.

1.    Homeaway

  Industry: Travel

  Founded: 2004

  Company size: 10,000+ employees

  Specialist in vacation rentals around the world, VRBO offers over 2 million properties in 190 countries and that number is still growing.  HomeAway is part of the Expedia group of brands including VRBO, with offices around the world.  From customer support to project management and development and beyond, HomeAway has a number of jobs available.  While the company is known for its leases in remote areas around the world, it is incorporated in Austin, Texas and is one of the best companies to work for in Austin.

2.    Bigcommerce

  Industry: e-commerce

  Founded: 2009

  Employees: more than 500 employees

  With a mission to “revolutionize commerce, bring online selling and features that were previously reserved for billion dollar companies to the masses”, Bigcommerce is a company founded in Austin that provides an e-commerce platform for merchants across various industries.  With two offices in Austin, the company works with clients in the areas of clothing, health, food and beverages, cars, and more.

3.    First Citizen Bank

  First Nationals is one of the fastest growing banks in the country.  Starting with one branch in North Carolina, it now has nearly 550 coast-to-coast branches.  What makes Citizen First different is its people – retail bankers, business bankers, wealth bankers, tech professionals, support teams, and more – who all focus on better banking services that help people live better lives.  The bank’s approach has generated high customer loyalty making First Citizen one of the strongest banks in this field.

4.    H-E-B

  Industry: Retail

  Founded: 1905

  Company size: 10,000+ employees

  The oldest business on this list (and a female founded), H-E-B is a privately owned chain of supermarkets headquartered in San Antonio.  H-E-B – symbolizing Howard E. Butts, son of founder Florence Potts – boasts over 350 stores across Texas, as well as in northeastern Mexico.  The company runs the gamut of employment opportunities from retail store locations on the ground to corporate roles in IT and Marketing.

5.    Whole foods

  Industry: Retail

  Founded: 1980

  Company size: 10,000+ employees

  Another mega grocery success story born in Austin, Whole Foods brings natural foods, health and body care products to the fore for consumers.  Selling products free of artificial ingredients with a special focus on organic products, the company has more than 500 stores in North America and the United Kingdom. There are a variety of opportunities in local retail locations as well as at Global Support Headquarters with departments including Marketing, Communications, Human Resources, Technology and more.

6.    Apple

  Industry: Computers and Electronics

  Founded: 1976

  Company size: 10,000+ employees

 Apple is one of the best companies to work for in Austin. As the creators of some of the most popular and popular devices for millions of people around the world, Apple is a leader in the design, development and sale of consumer electronic devices, computer software and online services.  They have a number of opportunities from retail jobs in the store to roles in departments such as programs and services, sales, business development, operations, and support.

7.    Informatica

  Industry: Software and Services

  Founded: 1993

  Company size: 4000+ employees

  Informatica is a technology company that focuses on enterprise cloud data management for companies around the world.  The headquarters is in Redwood City, California, with international and domestic offices, including Austin.  According to the company page on GlassDoor, the Austin site boasts 53 Texas-style meeting, work and phone rooms, as well as two kitchens stocked with complimentary drinks and snacks and a games room.

8.    VMware

  Industry: Software and Services

  Founded: 1998

  Company size: 10,000+ employees

  VMware, a subsidiary of Dell Technologies, offers software that helps “customers operate, manage, connect to, and protect all of their applications on any cloud ⁠ – so they can reduce costs and gain efficiencies and innovation faster.”  The company also offers networking and security, with clients ranging from banking, healthcare, and government to retail, manufacturing, and transportation.  The VMware Austin office also provides opportunities for fresh graduates.


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