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10 Dream Jobs that is just not in your Mind but Really Exist

 Did you know that there are Dream Jobs that is just not in your mind but really exists? No matter how much you love your job, grass can sometimes look greener in a new position – especially if it’s only present in your wild dreams.  But don’t lose hope yet.  There is a bunch of unique functions already out there – and they might not be as farfetched as you think (well, just a little bit).

  Many, if not the majority, people go through life with somewhat unrealistic expectations and notions about what they think is their dream job.  What each person thinks of a different profession is different, but there is one thing most people who talk about their dream jobs have in common – they just don’t seem to have such a job right now.  The dream job is always somewhere in the corner.  After all, it’s a dream – unattainable, it’s just something you wish for.

  Everyone has its own definition of a dream job, and its own factors that determine how close the ideal job will be.  For one person, the dream job is closely related to a huge salary and daily challenges.  For someone else, money might not be a great motivator; He’ll be more interested in being able to do something he loves and uncomfortable with outside distractions.

  One of the most harmful misconceptions people hold about dream jobs is that everyone has exactly one task, and there is only one dream job that goes with it.  In fact, everyone has a myriad of situations in which they will be able to thrive and be happy – at least if they put in some effort.

  Ways to find your dream job

  • Learn how to make yourself happy.

  You have to learn that happiness comes from enjoying the process of your work, not just achieving goals.  If the only enjoyment you derive from your work is related to achievement, then you are missing the opportunity to achieve it through loving the process it takes to achieve your goals in addition to achieving them.

  • Be clear about your visions

   You need a vision for your career – not a plan, but a great vision that helps guide you through the many decisions that are a daily part of running a career.  Your insight helps identify bargain-spoilers or bargain-makers opportunities.


Dream Jobs that is just not in your Mind but Really Exist

1     Professional Cuddler

  Maybe not suited to those with a big problem in personal space, but there are cuddle professionals in the world.  Their role is to give the lonely people the company they most need – and a little bit of human contact.  The rules of professional cuddling indicate that there are no other motives for hugging – just the desire to make someone feel a little better – so you feel noble when you earn your money.

2     Penguinologist

  Technically speaking, if we are to be completely honest, the person who cares about penguins is an animal scientist.  However, why would we possibly ruin a good article with meticulous use of language jargon – the world of the penguin looks more awesome – pun intended – as you might need your coat – but who doesn’t mind protecting Pingu and his buddies.

3     Bed Warmer

  There are few hotels in the world that like to feel more comfortable than usual – so they rent human electric blankets – people warm guest beds before they enter to help them get a better night’s sleep.  Cold sheets can lower your body temperature and wake you up.  Some people have the money to spend to prevent this inconvenience.  But, who wouldn’t want to get paid for going to bed some time?

4     Tea Taster

  Not only do you spend the day tasting the tea, which always brings you joy, but you also get a decent starting salary.  You’ll also need to travel the world, finding the best blends to taste – such a chore.  Well, not really.  If you weren’t a fan of tea, maybe you could live with the role of chocolate flavor?  How about the taste of wine or beer?  How wonderful will your days be?

  Technically speaking, if we’re being very honest, a cookie writer is probably a freelance writer who happens to come across writing your cookie message.  It might be you – given these are the people hired to come up with ten words or less eloquent content that offers wisdom – you can.

6     Professional sleeper

  Have you ever dreamed of taking a nap at work?  The good news is that if you do this job, you will excel in your role.  Sleep professionals are essential for researchers who need to understand how sleep affects our minds – and the rest of our bodies.  Not only do you get a good rest, but you help create a good science that will help our doctors.  Sleeping hero!

  If you want something less risky then you have to become a mystery shopper for hotel chains.  You will be sent to some of the most beautiful (and perhaps the most fragile) hotels in the world to see if you get a good night’s sleep.

7     Netflix Tagger

  Wow!  hang on!  You can sit for hours watching TV shows and get paid.  Netflix’s tags are not only real, but essential to that personal experience you enjoy from the streaming service.  If these people don’t sacrifice hours of their lives watching TV shows and movies that are tagged with their genre and genre – you’ll never find what you want to watch.  Obviously, we’ll all be sacrificing our time for the cause of our TV buddies.

8     Panda Nanny

  There are pandas in the world that need rest and cuddling in real life.  It would seem like an impossible dream, but you will not only work with these cute creatures, but you will also get paid.  The job description asks you to play with them, be there for them, and share their joys and sorrows.

9     Food stylist

  Ever followed a recipe and thought your photo looked nothing like a photo – well, there’s a good reason for that – a professional food designer was hired to design the food, so it looks perfect.  A food designer can organize these ingredients in the most aesthetically pleasing way, so you can take them from the page.

10  Island Caretaker

Never worry about your vacation again.  There is no need to go somewhere for two weeks as you can live vacation life all year round.  Island keeper not only is a six-figure job, but you get your own island paradise without rent too.   You should be looking for all the fun the island has to offer, just like the tourists, but every so often, I send some photos and blogs to the tour company.


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