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What Skills Do Pharmacy Technicians Need?

All the skills that Pharmacy Technicians needs has been explained in this article, all you need is read this article to the end.

The primary responsibility of a pharmacy technician is to assist the pharmacist on duty with filling prescriptions. The request to fill these medications can come directly from a patient with a written prescription, or by a doctor over the phone or by computer. Pharmacy technicians also help manage medication inventories and keep the pharmacist up to date with any urgent and pertinent information. For more information on the training requirements, as well as the average salary ranges for job positions, check out our blog post.

Pharmacy technicians can be found anywhere a real pharmacy is located. The most common place you will find a pharmacy technician is in a retail pharmacy. However, this is not the only job option they have. Pharmacy technicians can work in smaller private pharmacies, hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and even for a mail-order pharmacy. As a result, when looking for a job, pharmacy technicians have a choice of whether or not they face the patient, and what kind of hours they want to work.

An essential skill that all pharmacy technicians must have is a strong sense of organization. They are preparing and filling prescriptions for a large patient population. Ensuring that each patient is receiving the correct medication and dosage is her main focus. In addition to preparing the medication, they also manage the cash register, interact with customers, record inventory, and assist the pharmacist.

How to use the skills checklists

The purpose of a skills checklist is for you to self-assess your skills and help you determine your strengths and competencies. In turn, knowing your strengths will allow you to land your next job opportunity. If you possess some or all of the skills from the following list, you should include them in your pharmacy technician resume and cover letter. Demonstrating your relevant experience will eventually get you an interview. Finally, when preparing for your interview, be sure to review this list of skills so that you can highlight them in your interview and explain why you are the best candidate for the position.

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What Skills Do Pharmacy Technicians Need?

Do you want to become a pharmacy technician and you want to know the skills needed? Learn about the courses you will take in the Pharmacy Technology program and the training you will receive to prepare for a position as a pharmacy technician.

There are 6 skills that a successful pharmaceutical technician will learn during a Pharmaceutical Technology Program. These 6 skills include mathematical proficiency, good communication, organizational skills, computer skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving. With these skills, the pharmacy technician will be able to help patients and support the pharmacist in the process.

Mathematically competent

Most pharmaceutical technology training programs include a college math course. Math will come in handy when the pharmacy technician is filling prescriptions and measuring pharmaceuticals. A pharmacy technician will also use college math when ordering, storing, and packaging prescriptions and over-the-counter medications, conducting inventory control, and keeping records.

Computer skills

During the performance of pharmaceutical technician duties, a few different computer systems may come into play. There is a computer system that helps to count the pills to make sure the correct amount is included in each prescription. The pharmacy technician will use an interface to enter customer data and submit insurance claims. Having computer skills and learning new computer programs is an integral skill for any pharmacy technician.

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Critical thinking

A pharmacy technician must approach her job with a consistent and systematic process to keep customer records and prescription data accurate. This one of the skills needs most by pharmacy technicians

Problem resolution

With insurance claims and patient prescriptions, a pharmacy technician must be able to resolve any issues that may arise, whether the billing is incorrect or the prescriptions are not available. A customer can go to the pharmacy technician with a problem and expect a clear result, and the pharmacy technician needs good troubleshooting skills to find the correct solution.

Numerical skills

In our Pharmacy Technician Program, students are trained with math training to complete important job functions. This training provides students with key pharmacy technician skills, such as converting various measures and rationing medications.

While math may be a dreaded subject for many students, it is an important component of quality pharmacy technician training and a skill that will inevitably be used on a daily basis in your future workplace. This one of the most needed skills be pharmacy technicians.

Organizational skills

A pharmacy technician will want to keep prescriptions correct, take control of inventory, and keep records properly. Organizational skills will help when packaging and labeling recipes.

The environment in which pharmacy technicians work is usually quite fast-paced, so it is critical that you maintain exceptional organizational skills in your job.

This may sound straightforward, but with multiple tasks coming up over the course of any given day, it can be challenging to ensure that medications are dispensed correctly in the correct doses and to the correct patients, or that doctor’s offices are faxed to ensure that patients receive important prescriptions on time.

Your ability to stay organized is a key tool within this career and one that will help you stand out as a focused and dedicated worker.

Ethical skills

Other pharmacy technician skills may come to mind before ethics, but this term turns out to be the foundation of trust and credibility within the industry. Students in the Robertson College Pharmacy Technician Program abide by the laws governing the practice of pharmacy and the Code of Ethics of the Manitoba College of Pharmacists.

A strong commitment to ethics will work to decrease the circulation of illegal prescriptions in Canada and the abuse of prescription drugs as a whole.

If you have a basic understanding of the above skillsets and are interested in participating in the vital work performed by medical professionals, consider a career as a pharmacy technician.

This 40-week diploma program offered through Robertson College will provide you with the practical experience you need to be successful in this industry and the opportunity to learn from instructors working in the field. Talk to one of our admissions consultants today to learn how you can start your meaningful career as a pharmacy technician.

Communication skills

Strong verbal and written communication skills could mean the difference between patients taking medications correctly and misunderstandings with potentially serious consequences.

As a pharmacy technician, you must also tailor your communication to meet the needs of different audiences. For example, you must have a clear understanding of the technical terms used to communicate with pharmacists and other technicians, and the ability to adapt this language in simple terms for patients.