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What Interests You About This Position?

What interests you about this position? This is one of the inevitable questions in a job interview. And you should give a reply that is appealing to the interviewer.

What Interests You About This Position_

This general question seems very tricky to answer as it lives the soon-to-be-employed clueless on what the questioner is looking forward to hearing. Nevertheless, this is usually an indirect way for the employer to know why you should be hired for the job amidst the several options they have.

Many times, people who are asked this question hastily reply with “because I’m a great fit for the role” but, it should be noted that this is not all that there is to the question.

You should focus more on emphasizing your skills, experiences, abilities as related to the job you are supposed to do in the establishemnt , and also, express as much of your interest in the job as possible.

You just got yourself an opportunty to showcase yourself as would-be asset to the company and your excitement about the job already. You don’t want to make a mess of such opportunity.

What the Employer Expects In Your Answer

There are certain things the interviewer will be looking forward to understanding when you are rendering your answer. They include;

  1. Your knowledge about the company and their mode of rendering services; this helps the employers decipher which of the candidates really carried out research on the company.
  2. What your aspirations and passion really point to ( your most valued kind of career), and how the opportunity they might offer you affects these passions
  3. Your reason for choosing to work with them

As stated in one of the guides above, carrying out ample research on the company you are applying for is very important and should not be over-emphasized. How do you effectively carry out this research? Let’s see.

1. Your knowledge about the company and their mode of rendering services

This is very important and must not be under-rated by any job aspirant. You should be able to convince your recruiter that you have done enough research and that you are properly guided. Below are ways you can get to know about the company you intend to work with.

Search on Google

One of the most reliable places to stop by for information about the company. You will get more than enough details about the company on google through reviews as well as application updates.

can easily sort for company reviews on websites such as Glassdoor, and information on the application process on websites like WikiJob and The Student Room. Check more of our interview guide on; What can you Contribute to this Company.

Through the Company’s Site

This is another route through which you can get first-hand updates and information about the company you are applying to. On the company’s site, you will have uninterrupted access to materials that should broaden your knowledge.

Information ranging from the company’s mission, it’s core-values, histories, awards, and even services are ought to be broadcasted through out the site.

On the ‘About Us’ page, one can easily sort out for press releases well as media coverage you can sign start; If a provision is made, you could equally sign up for the newsletter and also follow the company via their provided social media handles.

There is usually a career page on the company’s site, this is where you will be guided on information like samples of their interview questions and also their recruitment processes.

2. What your aspirations and passion really point to

Amidst skill and experience, companies give great value to passion. Whatever post you are applying for should have a common bearing with your passion. For instance, if you are seeking the post of a programmer, you o point should be able to point your passion for problem-solving.

Also, if you are applying to be an assistant in a Kennel, it is important that you sight your love for animals and also your ability to communicate and understand them. 3

3. Your reason for choosing to work with them

The answer you give in a job interview is enough to tell your intentions. Even if you chose a particular establishment because of their good records, ensure not to spell it to them.

Be careful too not to make yourself look desperate and helpless without the job, you should not let down your self worth just to buy the heart of your recruiter_ allow it to flow naturally, to this end, below are things to note.

  1. Avoid giving a general view of the company, dwell on how you feel and be personal in your reply. Instead of saying “a lot of people have recommended this company” you could say “from the past records of the company, I consider it a good place to make my own input and contribution”.

2. Do away with every form of health insurance, vacation topics, or incentives from the company on your interview. If there be any such, they should be the one to brief you on it.

3. Every company has its own unique way of adding to the life of its worker, you should not focus on how the company will turn your life around, what matters at the moment is what you have to offer to the company.

Some other questions could accompany the “what interest you about this position” question. They include;

Possible Follow-Up Questions

Have you worked else where before? If yes why did you leave?

Why are you looking for a new job? Get a clue on how to answer this HERE

How long do you intend working with us?

What are your greatest weakness? Do you think it can limit your effectiveness in working with us?

Finally, endeavor to end your answer with a question, below are samples on how to give your answer.


“While I do enjoy working on small-scale residential projects in my current role, this position allows me to use my technical expertise for more large projects with higher impact. I’m eager to combine my artistic talents with my technical skills to create designs for an industry leader like Cloud Clearwater. Can you tell me more about what you’re looking for in an ideal candidate for this position?”


I’m extremely interested in the Human Resources Manager job. As you mentioned in the job listing, I’d be responsible for recruiting, orientation, and training. I was responsible for all three of these functions in my most recent position.

As Human Resources Assistant Manager at XYZ Company, I recruited over 100 employees and led training for all new staff members in a department of 45 people. I’m interested in this job because it would allow me to use my previous experience while continuing to develop my expertise in new areas of responsibility.