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What can you contribute to this company? Best Answers

What can you contribute to this company? Is one of the most popular interview questions; with the guide here you can give a perfect answer.

Interview questions are usually generalized and open-ended to help start a conversation between you and the interviewer. When an interviewer asks a question with many possible answers, it is an opportunity to help them learn about their strengths and talents through their own words. Preparing an answer to common questions ahead of time can help you feel confident and present yourself and your past work experience accurately. In this article, we discuss how to answer the interview question “What can you contribute to this company?” and include sample responses to help you plan your own.

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Why do employers ask “What can you contribute to this company?”

Employers often choose to interview a job candidate based on their resume or skills, but the people they hire must also demonstrate the ability to fit into the company culture, get along with other employees, and add value beyond a set of skills. A question like “What can you contribute to this company?” It enables an interviewer to learn things like how you see yourself fitting into the company culture, your approach to working with others, the strength of your work ethic, and how you can be an asset at work.

In addition to evaluating your actual response, an interviewer can also observe how comfortable you are delivering your response. They may be looking for an answer that contains specific, measurable past job successes and details to help them see how your work experience or personality might work well for the position. Examples that support your claims are often more powerful than generic responses.

Thinking about this question and your answer beforehand can help you reflect on your career and identify past tasks or responsibilities that show your contributions to your previous employers.

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How to answer “What can you contribute to this company?”

“What can you contribute to this company?” is a question that helps you expand on the facts listed on your resume with examples and details. To answer this question in the most meaningful way, consider the following approach:

1. Provide concrete examples from your past.

For example, if your resume indicates that you led a team for ongoing projects, you can describe the nature of a project, explain how many other employees were on your team, and describe specific successes, such as meeting product launch deadlines, internal awards from the company. or sales figures. You can describe your management approach and hiring practices or how you assembled your team.

2. Analyze your skills.

Your resume may list your skills, but it doesn’t always explain how you were able to use those skills to add value to the company you worked for. Saying something like “I have excellent communication skills” doesn’t explain well how you applied that skill. You could try something like: “One of my roles in human resources was to help facilitate problem-solving between co-workers in conflict. I developed and trained all employees in a program with conflict resolution techniques. We were very successful in solving some long-standing interpersonal problems. “

3. Show how your skills fit with this specific company.

A hiring manager will want to know that you have researched the company you are interviewing for and that you have some understanding of the culture and values ​​of the company, as well as understanding the specific job. You could structure your answer to show your vision for this work. If you think you have excellent customer service skills and have learned that the company prides itself on its product warranties and access to 24-hour customer service, could you explain how your previous experience has enabled you to work for a company with this mission?

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4. Support your answers with data.

If your work experience includes statistics that you can cite to show your past performance, it can be a useful way to show a hiring manager the measurable ways you have contributed in the past. Statistics like your sales figures, how you implemented improvements in a process, or met deadlines show what you are capable of contributing.

Sample responses

The job you are applying for and your skills will determine the best way to answer this question. Here are some sample responses for three different professions:

Example 1: Administrative assistant

“I excel at multitasking in a fast-paced office environment. In my previous job, I managed the schedules of four executives and assisted the office manager by opening the office every day, among other tasks as needed. I can do the I work myself every day, and I can be flexible with a list of different daily tasks that are handed to me when I get to work. One of the reasons I applied for this job is because I have been impressed by the culture of productivity and passion for products. You sell. I know I can be a valuable support resource that will allow you to prioritize your workload. “

Example 2: Project manager

“The last project I worked on in my previous job was creating a mobile app that integrated meal planning and grocery shopping lists. It started as a simple idea and grew into a team of eight working on it. . We passed our submission deadline in two weeks, and shortly after launch, our app was discussed on an influential cooking podcast. We saw our downloads quadruple that week. I helped our team meet and exceed all deadlines and goals, and I think I can bring that same kind of motivation to this cookbook project. “

Example 3: Salesperson

“I found out how much I love sales over the last year when I was promoted to a member of the roaming sales team at my last company. After the first six months, I received the Top Regional Sales Award for hiring new customers. I enjoyed the challenges of traveling In meeting clients in many different places, I look forward to building relationships with some local contacts and offering my focused efforts. I have used your company’s products for years and can provide strong testimonials from experience. “

What not to say

There are some things you should not say when asked what you have to offer a business.

Don’t let your ego get in your way. While you want to show the company how much you can contribute, you don’t want to give the impression that your journey is the only way to achieve your goals. Be flexible and consider the workplace and role in your response.

Do not share examples that are not relevant to the job. Keep your answers focused on the job you are applying for. The examples you share must be specific enough to show the hiring manager that your credentials are a perfect fit.