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What Does Commodity Buyer Do? (Salary, Job Description and More)

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A commodity buyer buys commodities for use in production and other commercial purposes.

Ensures that items are purchased at market-competitive prices by monitoring and analyzing the commodity market and general economic conditions.

This article will explain the duties, responsibilities, Salary of a commodity buyer and so on.

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What Does a Commodity Buyer Do?

The responsibility of commodity buyers is to find and acquire the commodities, raw materials, or other goods that will be utilized to make a finished good.

They might work with businesses from different industries, such as manufacturing, agriculture, and retail.

Commodity buyers must possess a thorough understanding of the market they operate in.

They must be aware of the products in demand, their costs, and the possible business arrangements with suppliers.

Commodity Buyer Job Duties

A typical commodity buyer’s duties might range widely and include the following:

  • Negotiating lower rates for raw materials or manufactured goods with suppliers
  • Coordinating shipping arrangements, including reserving cabins on ships and making insurance agreements
  • Examining market trends across a range of sectors, such as agriculture, energy, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, technology, telecommunications, transportation, and others
  • Creating marketing strategies to advertise goods and services to consumers
  • Keeping an eye on inventory levels to make sure they’re sufficient to meet demand from customers while avoiding overstocking
  • Keeping in touch with suppliers to make sure they continue to offer high-quality goods and services at reasonable rates
  • Contract negotiations with suppliers to ensure reasonable costs and delivery schedules
  • Developing commodity price models based on seasonality, competition, and supply and demand
  • Designing company strategies that show potential investment opportunities and conducting market research

Commodity Buyer Salary

The average Salary for a commodity buyer in the US is $68,386. The salary range for this position is between $60,502 and $84,912, according to various salary aggregate websites.

The typical Salary for commodity buyers in the US is from $60,502 to $84,912, based on their experience, location, talents, and other criteria.

Commodity Buyer Job Requirements

Typically, a commodity buyer must meet the requirements listed below:


Usually, if you want to work as a commodity buyer, you need a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.

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Training & Experience

During this training, which could last several months, the new hire might work alongside the current commodities buyer and do chores under supervision until they feel confident enough to finish them independently.

Certifications & Licenses

To work in specific jobs, commodity buyers often need certification from their industry.

Commodity Buyer Work Environment

Commodity buyers can work in offices, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities, among other places.

They might also go to seminars, trade exhibits, and supplier locations. Buyers of commodities usually work during the day, but sometimes they have to work late at night or on the weekend to go to trade shows or meet with suppliers.

Commodity Buyer Skills

To succeed, commodity buyers need the following abilities:

Technical Skills

With technical knowledge, you can figure out what your business’s products need and how to work with the best suppliers.

Communication Skills

You can talk to coworkers and clients in person and also to suppliers and customers in writing.

Analytical Skills

With analytical abilities, you can confidently decide on things to buy and how to bargain with suppliers.

Problem-Solving Skills

When faced with problems during the purchasing process, commodity buyers employ their problem-solving abilities to come up with solutions.

How to Become a Commodity Buyer

Being a commodity buyer can be a highly fulfilling career. It provides the chance to work in various industries while learning about new goods and markets.

Additionally, you’ll get the opportunity to hone your business analysis and negotiation skills.

Before beginning this career path, you should first get experience in purchasing or supply chain management and working for a firm that sells items or helping with a nonprofit group that provides goods to those in need are two ways to accomplish this.

Additionally, you ought to enroll in marketing and business administration classes.

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The future for buyers of commodities is bright. With practice, buyers can advance into more responsible roles like senior buyers or purchasing managers.

Some purchasers might later start their own companies.

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