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What Does an Amazon Delivery Driver Do? (Salary, Job Description, and More)

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As we all know, Amazon is one of the biggest names in e-commerce, and with so many great deals on products from around the world, it’s no wonder it’s so popular. 

But have you ever wondered what it takes to be an Amazon delivery driver? Would you make enough money to cover your expenses? 

And how long would it take to become an Amazon delivery driver? 

The answer may surprise you if you’ve ever wondered what an Amazon delivery driver does. 

While many assume these drivers deliver only Amazon packages and aren’t full-time employees, the truth is much more complex.

In this article, we’ll dive deeply into the ins and outs of the job and learn what it takes to be successful as an Amazon delivery driver and how to land the job in the first place. 

We’ll also look at everyday responsibilities and salaries to help you decide if becoming an Amazon delivery driver is correct.

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Amazon Delivery Driver Job Description

You will pick up packages from the company’s warehouses or shipping centers as an Amazon delivery driver. 

As a delivery driver, you may travel to various locations to ensure that customers receive their orders as quickly as possible. 

Your typical work day may include arriving at a designated location where your car is loaded with packages ready for delivery. 

You will then make your way through areas on a set route delivering packages along the way before returning to the original warehouse.

Amazon Delivery Driver Job Duties

The followings are the duties and responsibilities of an amazon delivery driver.

  1. They are responsible for delivering packages to customers’ homes or businesses from a warehouse. 
  2. According to company policy, they do this using a vehicle such as a car, scooter, bike, or e-bike. 
  3. It is their responsibility to get packages ready for dispatch by packing them in cardboard boxes with one side open so that the recipient, upon receipt, can quickly inspect the contents. 
  4. They also unload shipments from trucks at warehouses 
  5. They are also responsible for loading parcels into conveyor belts that carry packages to workers who pack them into bags and load them onto trucks 
  6. Amazon Delivery Drivers have to read package labels and then locate items in the warehouse where they need to go 
  7. They may need to scan barcodes on items or use RF scanning devices to track inventory 
  8. Amazon Delivery Drivers are responsible for keeping records of all completed deliveries 
  9. They work hard every day because there is no break between assignments 
  10. They must wear appropriate attire when performing these tasks, including safety glasses, steel toe boots, ear protection, hard hats, and reflective vests.

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Amazon Delivery Driver Skills

Amazon delivery drivers must possess the following skills to excel in this field.

Time Management Skills

An essential skill for any employee is time management. 

You will be required to deliver packages on a strict schedule, so you must know how to manage your time well. 

Customer Service

You will have contact with customers who are expecting their packages. 

Make sure that they are treated with respect. 

Basic Computer Knowledge

Amazon uses a lot of technology, so understanding some of it will be beneficial.

Driving Skills

It’s also helpful if you have driving experience as a part-time or full-time job because there are many routes you will need to learn.


Another necessary trait is patience. Customers often require additional help or their packages redelivered, so patience while dealing with them is vital. 

Communication Skills

If you’re going to be communicating with customers, then having good communication skills can go a long way.

Written and verbal communication should not be something that poses too much difficulty. 

Amazon Delivery Driver Salary

Amazon delivery drivers make $27.84 per hour on average in the United States. 

Most work full-time with at least a day off each week. 

The hours are somewhat flexible because drivers can usually choose their hours, but they often need to work weekends. 

As you would expect for a job with so much walking, there is also usually some standing requirement, though you’re not required to lift any heavy objects while delivering packages.

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The Amazon delivery driver is primarily responsible for delivering packages to customers and ensuring they receive their items on time.

They are also required to verify the condition of the package upon receipt from their customers. 

The Amazon delivery driver job description also assists shoppers in retail stores or customer pick-up centers. 

Delivery drivers must be willing to work different shifts depending on when and where the packages need to be delivered.

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