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What Does a Walmart Team Lead Do? (Salary, Job Description, and More)

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What does a Walmart team lead do? The definition of this job varies by company.

Still, the general responsibilities of Walmart team leads include managing daily tasks, training new team members, and providing excellent customer service to all customers. 

Team leads also ensure that their employees are engaged and happy with their jobs and work hard to increase productivity. 

However, becoming a Walmart team lead requires lots of hard work and experience in your field, but you can do it. 

Keep reading to learn more about the role of Walmart team leads so you can start on your path today.

We’ll explain what a Walmart team lead does and answer some common questions. 

Afterward, we’ll finish up with info on salary ranges, career growth potential, and more.

Let’s dive in and learn more about Walmart team leads.

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What Does a Walmart Team Leads Do

Walmart team leads are the first level of in-store management. They report to a store manager or executive retail trainer. 

They typically oversee the store’s day-to-day operations, including taking care of customers with issues and working to ensure that all company policies are followed. 

Also, to maintain a productive work environment, one of their primary duties is supervising the entire staff, including assistant managers, cashiers, customer service representatives, and stockers.

Job Duties of a Walmart Team Lead

The following are the duties and responsibilities of a Walmart team leads

  1. Manage store operations 
  2. Maintain merchandising standards 
  3. Make sure the store is clean 
  4. Help customers find what they need 
  5. Resolve customer complaints 
  6. Train new employees 
  7. Analyze inventory data 
  8. Ensure merchandising is up to date 
  9. Organize and execute in-store events 
  10. Complete necessary paperwork 
  11. Manage payroll, time sheets, and scheduling & hire, train, schedule and discipline associates 
  12. Assist in managing associate performance; provide feedback on associate performance.
  13. Help determine staffing needs; help to order merchandise 
  14. Delegate tasks to other employees 
  15. Monitor work areas for safety & as well oversee proper use of equipment 
  16. Report security incidents 
  17. Respond to customer emergencies 
  18. Attend all company meetings 
  19. Participate in company-wide initiatives 
  20. Communicate with upper management.

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Education Requirements

To apply for a team lead position, you will need a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, like business administration. 

A master’s degree is preferred if your undergraduate degree is not related to retail. 


You may also need experience in project management or merchandising work. 

The time it takes to obtain an MBA will vary depending on your chosen graduate program; however, most do not take more than two years. 

Walmart Team Lead Salary

The median annual salary for a Walmart team leads is $52,500 ($25.24/hour). 

Team leads earn more in the United States than in any other country. 

Regardless, there are plenty of possible opportunities available to grow your career within the company; this may start with being a cashier on the floor or working up to management.

Qualifications for the Position

To qualify for a position as a team lead at Walmart, the applicant must have held another leadership role and demonstrated the potential to be an effective team lead. 

For you to be promoted to team lead at Walmart, you must also be capable of managing all aspects of an individual department or function. 

To do this, you must have sound knowledge of the policies and procedures that govern your area of responsibility. 

Qualifications for a team lead position at Walmart include listening effectively to customers and coworkers, problem-solving skills necessary for conflict resolution, and appropriately delegating responsibilities when dealing with other management staff members.

Additional qualifications include having a clear understanding of processes regarding work environment concerns such as harassment in the workplace or discrimination on the job.

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If you want to be a team lead for Walmart, there is a definite process to take to get the job. 

You need to decide if you want a full-time or part-time position, but either way, you need to apply online and go through the interview process.

Remember that your application is what gets you accepted for the job, as well as through interviews. 

With qualifications in your back pocket and an impressive application in hand, it will only be a matter of time before that call lets you know they want you.

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