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What Does a Security Dispatcher Do? (Salary, Job Description, and more)

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Security dispatchers are responsible for sending out teams of workers or equipment.

Dispatchers can communicate assignments, compile statistics, and report on work progress via telephones, radios, or computers.

Dispatchers assign workers and work crews to specific areas in compliance with client requests, company requirements, or other needs.

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What Does a Security Dispatcher Do?

When you dial 911, a security dispatcher will answer the phone.

They are in charge of receiving and responding to emergency calls, working with law enforcement or other responders, and informing everyone concerned of the situation’s progress.

Under pressure, security dispatchers need to think fast and clearly.

They frequently get several calls at once, each from a different person in a different scenario who urgently needs assistance.

The dispatcher’s job is to identify the most urgent calls and rapidly direct the necessary resources to that place.

How to Become a Security Dispatcher

You need a high school diploma or a GED to work as a security dispatcher. Usually, post-secondary education is not necessary.

Most firms offer on-the-job training for new security dispatchers to familiarize them with their duties.

To develop the skills needed to be a successful dispatcher, you often begin your career working alongside an experienced security dispatcher.

When you are sure of your skills, you can work alone. A flexible schedule is crucial since specific jobs demand you to work long hours, nights, and weekends.

Excellent listening, communication, and time-management skills are also required for the position.

Security Dispatcher Responsibilities

Here are some duties from actual security dispatcher resume samples that illustrate the kinds of responsibilities that they are likely to handle in their positions.

  • Manage customer satisfaction by giving updated ETAs and drivers’ locations.
  • Learn how to use AEDs and CPR.
  • Utilize the recently installed GPS vehicle tracking system.
  • GPS-enhanced technology should be used to locate company-owned trucking.
  • Establish a priority list for emergency dispatch units based on the type and location of the emergency and according to established procedures.
  • Give responding emergency personnel pertinent information.
  • Learn CPR and first aid for emergencies like fires and earthquakes.
  • To assist the responding emergency professionals, provide pertinent information.

Security Dispatcher Salary 

The degree of education and experience, the size of the organization, and the location all affect the salary of security dispatchers.

  • Median Annual Salary: $42,000 ($20.19/hour)
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: $66,500 ($31.97/hour)

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Security Dispatcher Job Requirements

Typically, security dispatchers must possess the following credentials:


Typically, high school graduation or GED is required for security dispatchers.

An associate’s or bachelor’s degree in security administration or a related discipline may be preferred by some employers.

In these programs, students learn about risk management, security technologies, security laws, and security management.

Training & Experience

Typically, security dispatchers learn on the job. This training might involve working under a supervisor’s supervision or observing an existing security dispatcher.

Additionally, security dispatchers may complete training to become certified or licensed.

Certifications & Licenses

According to specific employers, security dispatchers may need to pass an industry-specific certification exam to demonstrate their general professional expertise.

Security Dispatcher Work Environment

Security dispatchers work for private security companies, public safety organizations, and commercial enterprises.

They frequently perform their duties in a central area, such as a security office, where they have access to various security tools, such as radios, phones, and computer systems.

Typically working in shifts, security dispatchers may be required to work weekends, holidays, evenings, and nights.

How to Become a Security Dispatcher

A career as a security dispatcher might be an excellent way to start in the security sector.

As a security dispatcher, you will take calls from people who need assistance or have inquiries about their security systems.

Additionally, you’ll send out police to respond to accidents and other problems.

You must excel at providing exceptional customer service and have the ability to remain composed under pressure if you want to work as a security dispatcher.

Additionally, you should be knowledgeable about the many kinds of security systems and how they operate.

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Dispatchers who perform well may be promoted to lead dispatcher, supervisor, or communications manager.

Some dispatchers might transition into jobs like customer service representative, computer operator, or database administrator, using their communication and computing abilities.

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