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What Does a Management Associate Do? (Salary, Job Description, and More)

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In the business world, management associates are sometimes referred to as management analysts, management consultants, or management advisors, depending on the industry or employer. 

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s always nice to know the potential growth opportunities and an idea of how much you can expect to make once you land that dream job. 

This article will provide salary and job descriptions and all information about management associates.

What exactly do they do? Keep reading this guide to learn more about what a management associate does.

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What Does a Management Associate Do?

A management associate helps their company run more smoothly by analyzing business decisions to generate data-driven insights. 

This data can then be used for various purposes, such as recommending strategies or determining the effectiveness of current operations. 

Some focus on establishing programs or projects that will help foster growth within the company and set long-term goals.

Management associates typically work in an office setting alongside other managerial staff members.

Still, they may travel to different locations when conducting research or meeting with clients on behalf of their company.

The job typically requires education beyond high school; many are college graduates with degrees in engineering, economics, finance, or the law.

Typical Job Duties for a Management Associate

A management associate’s job can vary by employer. 

In general, they research the market to find ways to increase profitability for the company. 

This can include researching what customers need or coming up with new products for the company to offer. 

Also, management associates usually work with marketing specialists on ads and public relations firms to create campaigns that make potential customers aware of a business’s products or services. 

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Education Requirement for a Management Associates

A management associate is typically a graduate degree holder in business administration. 

In other words, you need to hold an undergraduate degree in business before applying for the position. 

Associates with an MBA degree often make much more than just their undergraduate degree.

People may make hundreds of thousands more over their lifetime if they have an MBA, says Steven Cizeikis, Chief Operating Officer at MBa Solutions Inc., which provides training programs to aspiring management associates.

Management Associate Skills

A management associate must have the following skills

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate effectively with all employees within an organization. 

Strong Organization Skills

Management associates must always keep things straight in their heads. 

They must be able to juggle all the numbers without making mistakes. 

Attention to Detail

The organization isn’t enough for management associates because it is their job to ensure that every detail is correct so that errors don’t happen later. 

Problem-Solving Skills

When problems arise for any business department throughout the day, management associates always look for ways to solve them as soon as possible. 


Since not everything can be done alone, management associates must work closely with coworkers to get tasks done efficiently and effectively.


The willingness to work hard for their employer to ensure goals are met or exceeded. 

These skills are critical to any position, but they’re essential for those who hold managerial positions, such as that of a management associate. 

A management associate needs these skills because they will be required to manage many different tasks and meet deadlines while ensuring quality standards are not compromised.

Management Associate Salary & Outlook

Management associates’ average salary is between $54,000 to $140,000.

If you’re starting in the profession, there’s a good chance you’ll earn less than your peers, but if you work hard and gain experience, your salary can increase. 

The management associates profession doesn’t look promising for job seekers since the industry is expected to shrink by 3% over the next decade.

However, those that choose this career should feel satisfied with the overall employment prospects due to its slight shrinkage.

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While being a management associate is excellent for building leadership skills, the demanding job can also have some downsides. 

If you’re considering working as one and want to know what they do or how much they earn, it might be best to get some more information first.

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