Walmart Cash Back Limit 2022: Paying With Credit and Debit Card

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Getting a cashback at Walmart means that you have purchased their products and you do not an ATM to do this. It saves you from any related ATM charges but there are limitations to this process. 

This article is provided majorly to walk you through the cashback limit at Walmart and other related stores that also offer cashback at checkout.

At Walmart store, the limit of cashback you can get is about $100 in the multiples of $20 using a debit card or a credit card for transactions. Transactions on Cashback are available at the regular register and self checks out.

Let’s see more about Cashback.

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How to Get a Cashback at Walmart

To get a cashback at Walmart, you must have transactions with them like purchasing their products. When you purchase a product with your debit card the cashback limit you can get is $100 and when you use checks, the limit is $20.

You can always get your cashback in multiples $20. That is the least amount start $20 adding another $20 to make it $40, $60, $80, or $100 per transaction.

However, in some cases, you can get more than $100 in cash back at Walmart if you purchase products multiple times and request a cashback at the end of each transaction.

Walmart does not charge any fee for getting a cashback but they advised that you check your local store to know their mode of operation.

However, it is most likely that you won’t be cashback but you will have to make a purchase from Walmart and walk down to the cashier for a cashback or you use the ATM.


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Cash Back Limit at Walmart When Paying with a Debit Card

The use of debit cards in getting a cashback at Walmart is a common and most reliable type for payment. You can get a $100 cashback in a goal at Walmart when you purchase at the regular register or self-checkout.

You can get more than $100 cash back if you make multiple transactions and request a cashback at the end of each transaction. The only challenge is your debit card limit for transactions.

The reason for this limit is to protect it against fraud and theft attempts. Another reason you can be limited is if you select more than the available cash on your card.

However, you can register with your bank for an over a draft program that allows you to get more than you have in your account. You will pay a certain fee to get started.

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Cashback Process Using Your Debit Card at Walmart

  1. Go to the register to check out and make your purchase like usual.
  2. Insert your debit card, select credit on the machine but run it as a debit, for you to get the cashback.
  3. Once you insert the card into the machine, the machine asks you if you want a cashback. Select yes and the amount. If the machine did not ask if you want a cashback inform the cashier before you put your cashback.           
  4. Your card will be charged the product purchased and the cashback amount while the cashier gives you your cash.

You can also get cashback using a personal check as a payment type. The sizeable amount you will get is $20cashbackk using the following steps:-

  1. Check out at the cash register as regular. You can’t use a self check out for this.
  2. Before you make payment, you must confirm from the cashier if you can get a cashback using a check. The reason is, you need a government-issued ID on your check.
  3. Use your check for the product you purchase and your $20 cashback and give it to the cashier to check your ID.
  4. The cashier at Walmart will scan your check with a Certegy or Telecheck to get saved from the cash. Once there is no fraud you get your cashback.

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The Cash Back limit at Walmart is $100 but you can always get more than that in multiples of $20 if you make more than one transaction in a day. You can buy more than three times a day and request a cashback on each purchase.

 Another cash limit you can get is the card daily transaction limit if you are using a debit card and if you don’t have enough money on your account. It is advisable always to ask the cashier if you can get a cashback.

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