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Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks in 2022?

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“Jane got her payroll check after the close of work. She was so tired from the day’s stress of running around in her heels delivering files and documents. With head bent on her table, different thoughts running through her mind was how to get her payroll check cashed without running late to catch up with the evening bus.”

Are you like Jane, stressed after the day’s work and looking for where to cash your payroll check? All you need to do is waltz into the nearest Walmart.

As of 2022 Walmart cash pre-printed personal checks at their stores. Although they cash personal checks, there are exemptions to the personal checks.

Do not rush this meal if you want to be satisfied, read on to get your fill.

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Types of Personal Checks cashed in Walmart

  • Business checks,
  • Payroll checks,
  • Social Security,
  • Government checks,
  • Insurance Settlement checks,
  • Retirement disbursement checks,
  • Tax Refund checks,
  • Pre-printed checks,
  • Cashier’s checks,
  • 401(k) or retirement checks,
  • Two-party personal checks (up to $200),
  • Out-of-state checks,
  • MoneyGram Money orders that were purchased at Walmart.

Checks not Cashed at Walmart

  • Checks with multiple payees,
  • Post-dated checks,
  • Non-MoneyGram money orders,
  • Handwritten checks,
  • MoneyGram money orders not issued at Walmart,
  • Personal checks (paid for by cash),
  • Starter checks,
  • Savings bond checks,
  • Any other handwritten checks,
  • EFS checks,
  • Comdata checks,
  • Expired,
  • Altered suspicion,
  • Over 180 days old.

Note: Walmart does cash personal checks, but with exceptions.

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Charges at Walmart for Cash Checks

There is a structured fee at Walmart when it comes to checking Cash in any of its locations.

  • $4 fee for check close to $1,000,
  • $6 fee for two-party personal checks close to $200,
  • $8 fee for checks over $1,000

There are limits to Cash that can be checked depending on the time of the year. From May to December, checks up to $5, 00 are checked, but from January to April, it increases to $7,500 because of tax.

How to Cash Personal Check at Walmart?

Since Walmart cashes the personal checks, to cash your personal check, all you need to do is take along your physical signed check, a valid government ID card issued to you, or a passport to department stipulated for cashing known as “Money Centers.” This is the department concerned with all financial services. However, Walmart in New York and New Jersey are the only ones that do not cash personal checks.

How to get your funds?

There are different ways to get your funds after undergoing the cashing process, you can either go for getting paid in cash, this is the process through which your money is counted and given to you immediately.

The second mode is the Moneycard method: This is a plastic card issued to you by Walmart, it is similar to a debit card.

Walmart issues MoneyCard, which is a plastic card onto which money can be loaded for easy shopping at Walmart. A MoneyCard works exactly as a normal debit card does. The card costs $1. The MoneyCard method is the process where your cash is being loaded into the card, usually, there is a charges fee of $3, but this charges fee gets waived off if it is reloaded through the check-cashing.

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Companies used by Walmart to verify Checks

To verify checks, customer information, and identity, Walmart uses companies such as Telecheck and Certegy for verification.


Its been close to 40 years that Walmart has been partnering with TeleCheck to aid the smooth approval of check process, safe check acceptance process, customer verification, and analysis through the process of running a check against their system and give feedback signal to Walmart as to acceptance or rejection.

TeleCheck uses TeleCheck’s proprietary Algorithm and there is rejection, only if there is suspicion about the customer’s checking history, check-writing, account fraud,  identity theft, or purchase type.


This helps to welcome checks from uncertain customers as it helps cross-reference the customer details and check, which in turn safeguard both customer and retailer. It also gives feedback signals about the rejection or acceptance of checks. Checks get denied by them due to insufficient funds, theft, identify fraud, or poor checking records.

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Walmart cash personal checks with exceptions. If you do not hear a bank account, but looking to cash a paycheck, the popular place to head to is Walmart as it is the only place that cashes payroll checks.

Has Telecheck ever refused your check at Walmart? You can take up the issue directly with TeleCheck, Get the decline code to TeleCheck. This is the only way to clarify the error and maintain a clean reputation.

Also, You can check your status with Certegy by requesting a denial-free check report every 12-months. You can do this by reaching out to Walmart customer service through 1-800-237-3826 or a written request to

Certegy Check Services, Inc.
Attn: CFDR Request
P.O. Box 30046
Tampa, FL 33630-3046.

Have you had any difficulty in cashing your personal check at Walmart? How has this blog post helped you? Share using the comment section.

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