How to Transfer Walmart Gift Card to Cash App
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How to Transfer Walmart Gift Card to Cash App (Step-By-Step Guide)

Have you ever received a Walmart gift card you don’t plan on using? You can transfer the balance on your Walmart gift card directly to your Cash App balance. 

It only takes a few simple steps to complete the transfer, and the funds will be available in your Cash App account within minutes. 

Now you can use the money for whatever you like – grab a coffee, pay a friend back, or just keep it in your account for a rainy day. 

This step-by-step guide will show you exactly how to transfer your Walmart gift card to Cash App so you can start spending your free money today.

Why Transfer Your Walmart Gift Card to Cash App?

Why go through the hassle of transferring your Walmart gift card balance to Cash App? 

There are a few good reasons:

1. Access Your Funds Instantly

Once the transfer is complete, the money will immediately be available in your Cash App balance. No more waiting to use your gift card.

2. Use It Anywhere

Cash App funds can be spent at any store or website, unlike a Walmart gift card limited to Walmart stores and

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3. Send Money to Friends

The easiest way to use the money in your Cash App balance is to send funds directly to friends and family. 

They’ll receive the money instantly and can spend it immediately using their Cash App card or by withdrawing cash from an ATM.

3. Pay Bills

You can also use Cash App to pay your monthly bills like rent, utilities, cable, and internet. 

Add your billing accounts to the app, enter the amount due, and the funds will be sent automatically on the due date each month. This can save you time and ensure you never miss a payment late.

4. Withdraw Cash

Once you’ve transferred your Walmart gift card balance to Cash App, you can withdraw that money in cash at ATMs. 

Although Cash App will charge a small fee for ATM withdrawals, it’s a convenient way to use your gift card.

5. Transfer to the Bank Account

For no fee, you can transfer the full balance of your Cash App funds to a linked bank account. The transfer usually takes between 1 to 3 business days.

Once the money is in your bank account, you can withdraw it at an ATM, write checks, pay bills, or spend it anywhere that accepts checks or debit cards.

6. Invest in Stocks

For the savvy investor, the Cash App allows you to buy and sell stocks with your available balance. You could grow your Walmart gift card money through smart investments.

7. Avoid Expiration

Walmart gift cards eventually expire if not used, typically within 5 years of the issue date. 

Transferring the balance to Cash App ensures you can use the total value and not lose unused funds.

How to Transfer a Walmart Gift Card to Cash App

So you got a Walmart gift card for your birthday but would rather have the cash in your Cash App balance. 

No problem; transferring a Walmart gift card to your Cash App is pretty easy. 

To transfer that money to Cash App, you’ll need to: 

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Go to the settings section.
  3. Click on “Add card.”
  4. Enter the details of your Walmart gift card.
  5. Click on “Add card” to save the information.
  6. Go back to the homepage.
  7. Click on “Send money.”
  8. Enter the desired amount for the payment.
  9. Enter your Cash App payment details.

Depending on the time of day, the money should show up in your Cash App account within minutes or a business day at most. 

It may take longer on weekends and holidays. As soon as the transfer is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Walmart and a notification in the Cash App that the money has been added.

You can then use your gift card to buy anything through Cash App or even get cash. 

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Can I Transfer the Full Balance of a Walmart Gift Card to Cash App?

Yes, you can transfer the entire balance of your Walmart gift card to Cash App. 

Follow the steps to link your gift card, then select “Transfer full balance” when prompted in the Cash App. The funds will be added directly to your Cash App balance.

Will I Be Charged Any Fees for Transferring a Walmart Gift Card?

No, transferring funds from a Walmart gift card to Cash App is free. Walmart does not charge any fees for using or transferring gift card balances. 

And Cash App does not charge fees for adding money to your account. So you can transfer the total value of your gift card without worrying about extra charges.

How Long Does It Take for the Transfer to Complete?

Most Walmart gift card transfers to Cash App are completed within minutes. As soon as you confirm the transfer in the Cash App, the funds are available in your account. 

In rare cases, the transfer may take up to 1 business day to finalize if processing delays occur. 

But you’ll receive a notification in the Cash App once the transfer is complete.

Can I Transfer Multiple Walmart Gift Cards to Cash App at Once?

Unfortunately, no. You can only link and transfer one gift card at a time to Cash App. 

However, once the initial transfer is complete, you can link another gift card and transfer its balance. 

While it may take a few extra minutes to do multiple gift cards one by one, the result of consolidating all your gift card funds into Cash App will be worth it.

What if There’s an Issue Transferring My Walmart Gift Card?

If, for any reason, there’s a problem transferring funds from your Walmart gift card, contact Cash App support through the app. 

They can look into the issue, troubleshoot any errors and work to resolve the problem so you can access your gift card balance. 

Be prepared to provide details about your gift card and the specific error you received when transferring.


Transferring gift cards to Cash App is a quick and straightforward way to turn the gift into something you really want – cold hard cash! 

Now you’re free to spend it on whatever you like, whether paying a friend back for coffee, grabbing takeout for dinner, or just spoiling yourself with something special.