How to Get Money Off Cash App at Walmart Without Card
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How to Get Money Off Cash App at Walmart Without Card

Ever find yourself in a pinch at Walmart and need to get money off cash Cash App without a Card? Don’t worry; you’ve got options. 

Even if you don’t have your Cash App debit card, you can still get money off Cash App at Walmart. 

It’s a straightforward process, and Walmart makes it easy. With just a few taps on your phone, you can have cash to pay for gas, groceries, or whatever else you need. 

Keep reading to learn how to get money off Cash App at Walmart without your card.

How to Get Money Off Cash App at Walmart Without Card

If you want to use your Cash App balance to pay for your items at Walmart but don’t have your Cash App card, you can achieve this in the following ways: 

1. Move Money in Your Cash App to Linked Accounts

If you need to withdraw money from your Cash App at Walmart but don’t have your physical card, you can send money from your Cash App to other acceptable payment options at Walmart. 

To do this, log in to your Cash App account and link your account to other payment options (Bank account, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.)

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Under “My Cash,” tap “Cash Out” to instantaneously move the available money in your Cash App account to your linked bank account or debit card. 

This typically takes just a few seconds. The cash will appear in your linked account immediately, and you can use it to shop at Walmart.

2. Load Cash Directly to Walmart Moneycard

Alternatively, if you have a Walmart MoneyCard, you can load cash directly to it via Cash App. 

The Walmart Cash Card is a debit card that offers the convenience of a card without the need for a traditional bank account or credit check.

To use your Walmart MoneyCard you can follow these steps: 

  1. Download and install the Walmart App on your mobile device.
  2. Add your Cash Card as a payment method in the Walmart App wallet.
  3. Within the Cash App, tap “Add Cash” and select “Deposit to Walmart MoneyCard.” 
  4. Enter the card details and the amount you want to load, confirm the transfer and the funds will be available on your MoneyCard in minutes 
  5. Visit a Walmart store and choose a small item to purchase.
  6. Proceed to the self-checkout counter.
  7. Scan your item.
  8. Select the “Walmart Pay” option when prompted to choose a payment method, which is that you want to use.
  9. Open the Walmart App on your mobile device and tap the “Scan Codes” option on the app home screen. 
  10. Hold your phone to scan the code on the point of sale (POS) terminal.
  11. You may be prompted for cash back at this stage. Select “Yes” if the option is available; otherwise, the method may not be usable.
  12. Choose the amount you want to withdraw.
  13. When prompted, enter your Cash Card PIN.
  14. Complete the payment process.
  15. Collect the cash from the machine.
  16. Retrieve your Cash Card.

3. Withdraw Cash From Walmart Locations 

You can withdraw funds from your Cash App at Walmart without needing your debit card.

To start, open the Cash App on your phone and tap the “Cash Out” button. Choose the amount you want to withdraw, then tap “Withdraw.” 

Next, select “Walmart” to pick up your cash. The app will provide a reference number for your transaction.

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Head to the nearest Walmart and go to the Money Services counter. Tell the clerk there that you want to withdraw money from Cash App using your reference number. 

Provide the number, your phone number, and a government-issued ID. The clerk will process your request and dispense the total amount in cash.

It’s that easy! Withdrawing money from Cash App through Walmart is super convenient, especially if you find yourself without your debit card. 


Are There Any Restrictions on Cash Back With Cash App at Walmart?

Cashback transactions at Walmart using Cash App are subject to withdrawal limits. These limits include the following:

  • $310 per transaction
  • $1,000 per 24-hour period
  • $1,000 over a rolling 7-day period

It’s important to note that when you request cash back, the total transaction value will also consider the value of the item purchased and the cashback amount. 

Purchasing a small-value item is advisable to avoid reaching your Cash App withdrawal limits.

How Long Does It Take to Transfer Money from Cash App?

The time it takes to transfer money from your Cash App account varies depending on the withdrawal option you choose.

You have two options: Standard withdrawal, which typically takes one to three business days, or Instant withdrawal, which instantly sends the money to your bank account.

In rare cases, there may be delays in the money settling into your bank account.

Does Cash App Have a Free ATM?

Cash App does not provide a free ATM service. However, you can use your Cash App Cash Card at any ATM, although a fee of $2 will be charged for each transaction.


That’s all the steps to use your Cash App funds without your card. You can use your Cash App card or a digital wallet or withdraw money from Cash App at Walmart stores.  

Now you know you have options for accessing your money in a pinch. Next time you need some quick cash or your card isn’t handy; you’ll be prepared to handle it.