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Tips To Create A Killer Marketing Portfolio

When trying to start a career in the marketing sector, you will need to learn the art of properly packaging what you’ve got to offer. How you present your information to those concerned and needed is very important. So, to create a killer marketing portfolio, there are certain things you should take note of.

A portfolio holds the ‘at a glance’ kind of information to help a 3rd party know your personality without much investigations. This then proves that a portfolio is a must have if you intend to go far in the marketing world.

Why is a killer marketing portfolio very important?

You need to have a classy marketing portfolio because it gives you a chance to land so many sales representative offers wherever available. It is expedient that you learn to write and structure yours the way it is supposed to be.

This is why here at newbalancejobs, we have decided to share tips on how you can create a marketing portfolio that will yield the result that you desire.

How to create a Marketing Portfolio

Below are some strategies you can apply to be able to create a very good marketing portfolio that will bring growth in your career life.

There are certain contents that must be included in your marketing portfolio before it can be called one. So, below with some explanations are what you must have when creating a marketing portfolio.

  • Your Career Summary
  • Mission Statement
  • A Short Biography (About me section)
  • Your Resume (CV)
  • Your Marketing Skills/abilities
  • Professional qualifications
  • Past Work Samples
  • Educational qualifications
  • Past Volunteer works done
  • References

Your Career Summary

A career summary helps an employer see what you have been up to in recent times and how far you have gone in your career as regards experience. Giving this detail is an edge for you to land a job your way.

Mission Statement

You must endeavour to give a philosophical view of your personality. This simply means – Your drive and motivation as well as your pattern of operation as regards your area of specialty.

A short Biography (About me section)

This part should contain a short detailed information about you such as your name in full, date of birth, state and country of origin, marital status etc. This helps potential employers catch a glimpse of your history to a professional level.

Your Resume (CV)

Your resume (curriculum vitae) should be included to give more detailed information about your qualifications and job experiences.

Your marketing skills/abilities

Do well to add all your marketing skills and abilities to stand a high chance of being considered for an available job offer of your choice. Employers always want skilled employees in their work system as such reduces any chance of setback as sound, skilled employees always know what to do.

Your Professional qualifications

If you have some professional courses you have taken in times past, do well to add them to your marketing portfolio. It will boost your chances of being considered when it comes to qualification evaluation.

Past work samples

Works you have done that are related to marketing , ensure you add them to your portfolio because employers are constantly looking for employees who have what they want as regards business management.

Educational qualifications

All details about your educational background should be included in this section. This includes; basic education, High school, college/university degree and more.

Past volunteer works done

If you have any volunteer jobs that you have done before that is related, go ahead and add it to the portfolio. This will help the employer see that you are really vast and skilled across so many fields.


In this section, you will include a space for about three to five people that can sincerely attest to all that you have written in the portfolio to be true.