N-Power Batch C NASIMS Portal Problems and Solutions | nasims.gov.ng/

N-Power Batch C NASIMS Portal Problems and Solutions | nasims.gov.ng/

Today we will be sharing some Common N-Power Batch C NASIMS Portal Problems and Solutions. This information is to assist you with the Npower Batch C NASIMS registration process.

Ensure you read through the problems and their possible solution. Also, feel free to drop your questions and answer in the comment box.

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List of N-Power Batch C NASIMS Portal Problems and Solutions

1It keeps showing me this error “Fill size exceed 200kb”.To solve this you need to reduce your image size to 200kb or even less. To do this you can use your paint tool on your PC or visit https://hostadvice.com/tools/compress-image/
Upload your image, it will automatically compress your document or images below 100kb.
2I’ve forgotten or don’t know what my NASIMS ID is.First, you need to log in to your NASIMS dashboard and copy your N-power Registration number that starts with NPWR/2020/… We have written a post to show you how to Get NASIMS ID for N-Power Batch C Test.
3“Please I’ve successfully changed my password, and BVN validated as well. But, I can’t update my records because the submit button is not responding Or loading”.Please note that you need to have a strong and reliable internet connection to solve this.
4I did not received the link after it said successfully sent. What should I do?To solve this you need to refresh your email inbox and if this persists check your junk folder 📁 or Spam 🎁 box. Please if this also persists on send link button multiple times to get your link.
5It keeps saying a link has been sent to my email but I have checked, the spam folder and Junk mail, But no such message.you should be patient and keep checking your email. The email ✉️ will surely deliver to your inbox or your spam box it might be as a result of network,   your patience is needed.
6I have applied for Npower last year, b2020… Please is the selection process?If you are among to who applied for N-power last year, you are required to visit the NASIMS portal and update your profile.
7I have sent an email to N-Power Support but replied with  an error delivery message , saying address not found. Please no link was sent to me.Please make you are sending the email to the correct email address. Please all enquiries should be sent to [email protected]
8It keeps showing my Bank Verification Number (BVN) cannot be validatedPlease make sure you are entering the right BVN or better still dial *565*0# or visit your bank for confirmation.
9The email sent to me is empty, showing blank with no contentkeep checking your email , your spam box, and your junk folder the email will surely come
10I am finding it very difficult to write the test, it keeps saying “please update your details from the self-service portal”.
All you need to do is to update your details on the NASIMS portal.
11Please I am trying to reset my password but cannot proceed or continue.Try and use the most recent link sent to your email 📨 or check your SPAM box for the link.
12When I clicked on the test link, it keeps showing NASIMS ID, how can I get that?The NASIMS ID is your N-Power Volunteers Network (NPVN) number assigned to you after registration. See how to get NASIMS ID

Please feel free to include any issue or issues you have during the registration process.