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16 Top Museum Jobs To Apply For In 2021

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When you walk into a museum, you are graced with great works of arts, ancient pieces with different background stories with ancestral values and links but have you ever wondered what it is like to work in such a beautiful place? In this article, we shall be looking at top museum jobs you can apply for in 2021.

Benefits of working in a Museum

There are different benefits of working in a museum and we shall be sharing them below.

  • Free premium information about thousands of artworks and other pieces
  • Connection with thousands of people of all races
  • Fun
  • Promotion to different levels

Free premium information about thousands of artworks and other pieces

As an employee who works in a museum, you are exposed by privilege to lots of premium, classic information that pertains to thousands of artworks available in the museum.

Connection with thousands of people of all races

When working in the museum, you are spontaneously exposed to thousands of people who troop into the museum on a weekly basis. This equally helps you build relationships with people of all races so cheaply as an employee who works in a museum.


Museum jobs come with so much fun as there will be different questions and reactions from tourists who walk into the museum to tour round and get a glimpse and knowledge as regards different pieces available therein.

Promotion to different levels

In a museum, there are different job roles which you can land as you get promoted from one level to another.

Top Museum jobs to apply for in 2021 and their annual salaries

Here are some museum jobs you can apply for in 2021 an their annual salaries.

  • Archivist ($52,140 per year)
  • Conservator ($49,990 per year)
  • Curator ($70,000 per year)
  • Director ($100,000 per year)
  • Docent ($39,410 per year)
  • Exhibit Designer ($86,356 per year)
  • Graphic Designer ($58,064 per year)
  • Historian ($56,990 per year)


The archivist is the one responsible for collecting items and recording them as well for the museum.


The conservator works hand in hand with the archivist to preserve items collected and kept in the museum.


The curator is in charge of the display of items in specific fields and sections of the museum.


The director is more like the manager that oversees the affairs of the different sections of the museum to ensure there is a decorum as regards workflow.


The docent relates professionally with the tourist by greeting them, welcoming them and as well answer all questions they may have. The docent has a good people’s skills.

Exhibit Designer

The exhibit designer is the one that designs the outlook and pattern of how items are displayed. The exhibit designer is skilled in professional exhibition of items.

Graphic Designer

The graphic designer is the one who designs brochures and different advertisement for the museum. The graphic designer is skilled in graphic design. This is a must have skill before you can land this job role in a museum.


The historian is responsible for sharing of the histories behind the items in the museum. The historian makes the tour experience more pleasant.

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