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Full list of Low-stress Jobs That pay well

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You might be wondering if it’s possible to get low-stress jobs that pay well. Yes, there are lots of low-stress jobs that pay well across different industries globally. It is true that not all high-paying jobs come with equal stress.

Unlike some jobs out there, you don’t have to go through hell to earn a high salary. Most low-stress jobs with high pay, entail the individual to be talented and also acquire some level of degree.

As you read on, we would be showing you low-stress jobs that pay well while outlining details that pertain to them.

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Freelance Photography

Everyone loves to get a shot from a photographer. Freelance photography isn’t just a low-stress job that pays well it’s also an interesting job to engage in.

They are mostly sorted by advertising companies and big brands. To earn a high salary in freelance photography depends on the quality of your service.

You can earn a rewarding salary of $180,000 as a Freelance photographer.

Food Technologist

In today’s world, the presence of a food technologist is of great importance. With the growth of food processing companies, food technologists are needed in developing new recipes for food production.

They are to ensure that the taste of a product is in ordnance with the standard of government policies for food production companies. It is a low-stress job that pays well as you can earn up to $75,750 on the job.

Massage Therapist

You have to be skillful in certain areas to be a professional massage therapist.

You need to be able to detect body parts needed to be kneaded. Massage Therapy is a low-stress pay job as you can decide to be independent or work for businesses that require your service.

A median income of $85,366 could be earned as a massage therapist.

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Marketing Manager

A Marketing Manager plays a vital part in the growth of a company or business.

They use strategic means in selling their products or services to the public. You have to be smart and great in communication to be a marketing manager.

It is one of the low-stress pay jobs you can find. The salary a Marketing Manager can earn a year is about $125,559.


We all want to look fit and healthy, no one wants to look shabby and unhealthy.

Dietitians are responsible for the health and fitness of their patients. They recommend foods that could get you back in shape. If you adhere to the instructions of a dietitian you are likely to love your body aftermath.

You must have great interactive skills to be able to build a good relationship with your patients. It is one of the low-stress pay jobs because you get to sit comfortably in your office and administer solutions to your patient’s health.

The average salary of a dietitian amount to $60,115 annually.

Art Director

If you love artworks in magazines or newspapers, you should know that it is a reflection of the work of an Art Director.

You’ve got to love art to be an art director. Art Directors are in charge of supervising visuals for magazines, newspapers, and Programs on televisions.

It’s a low-stress job that pays well. You can earn a reasonable salary of $ 95,850 per year as an art director.


If you think you’ve got some complications going on in your ear you just might need the assistance of an Audiologist.

They are health care professionals who treat hearing disorders or ear complications. They diagnose treatments for the treatment of ear complications.

A rewarding salary of $83,900 is to be earned yearly.

Software Developer

The apps we enjoy today were created by a software developer.

The role of a software developer is observing, developing, launching, and testing a software system they have created for a company.

As one of the low-stress jobs that pay well, you can earn a yearly pay of $103,620.


Visual issues cannot be treated by any medical specialists except by an optometrist.

Optometrists are responsible for the treatment of visual problems. They are specialists in the treatment of the eyes. They also prescribe recommended glasses for visual problems.

An optometrist earns is quite high for a low-stress job that pays well. The average salary of an optometrist is about $111,790 per year.

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It is important to note that not a high-paid job requires stress before you can be paid a rewarding salary. These are some of the low-stress jobs in the world that pay well. We would love to know which job you desire. Why not share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. You can also like and share with friends and family.

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