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Applying for an internship? Read this tips

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Did you know that companies usually retain interns instead of employing strangers to fill up an important position in their offices?

Yes, they do. Applying for an internship has a professional format and in this article, I will show you the right steps when it comes to applying for an internship.

How do you become the Hotcake from the tons of other job applicants seeking the same internship?

The answer to this question is to have a strategic resume, cover letter, and portfolio.

Tips on how to apply for Internships

A person who seeks to work in a radio station should make their application for internship target in radio station  This brings us to the first point.

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Know your Perfect Target

While some companies require applicants to submit their internship application form through an online link, others demand that you send your forms through email. it’s expedient to note what your target (The company you wish to work for) wants.

Create Strategic Resume and Cover Letter

The labor market is seriously over-crowded, so the demand to be Strategic is necessary. Creating a strategic resume and cover letter is often one of the deciding factors to be chosen.

The tips below will show you how to make your resume and cover letter for an application for an internship highly Strategic.

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Be Descriptive

it’s very important to update the duties you performed relating to the internship you’re applying for;  In addition to your job title and employment date.

Don’t ever forget to mention your results when listing your skills and abilities For example, instead of just stating that you are a church administrator, state the number of staff you instruct (only Include important Information).

In the light of being Descriptive, you need to know what each company seeks in an intern and specific tasks or skills they’ve listed.

Then strategically add details about how you have experience in those specific areas. For instance, your job as a public speaker may have taught you the intricacies of the audience that you can apply to a community outreach internship.

Keep It Concise

From research, Many a  company looks at your resume for just a little over nine seconds before moving on to the next. Keep your resume simple and avoid including unnecessary experience just to add more bulk.

Some Human Resources (HR) searches for quality skills that were pointed out in their advert. state these attributes using the same phrasing and leave out the rest.

Write Captivating Cover Letters

A captivating cover letter can make all the difference when applying for an internship. This is your chance to showcase your unique personality and showcase your passion as well as your skills, abilities, accomplishments, and professional crafting talents.

Make your cover letter stand out by describing your experience and personality. it’s also meant  to  make you a good match for this internship and organization

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Develop a Portfolio

Some high-standard companies require to intern to provide a portfolio. This is the collection of your past work. it also shows the company important witness pertaining to your skills. A few fields that typically require a portfolio include graphic design, web development, writing, and marketing.

Even for internships that do not require a portfolio, submitting this extra bit of proof of your skills and talents can help you stand out. Consider highlighting projects relevant to the internship and select a sample of your best work.

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