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20 Leading Co-working Spaces In Los Angeles

Co-working spaces are the new trends for companies and businesses when it comes to expansion and choosing of office spaces to make use of. In this article, we shall be listing about twenty(20) leading co-working spaces in Los Angeles that you can try out for your company or business.

What are co-working spaces?

Co-working spaces are big office buildings or structures shared by two or more companies and other businesses. They all share the spaces available on a mutual basis and they all run their individual businesses seprately.

What are the advantages of co-working spaces?

There are different reasons why two or more companies would come together to share a workspace. Below are some advantages of a shared office space.

  • Low rent cost
  • Easy affiliation with other companies/businesses
  • Market awareness

Low rent cost

When in a shared co-working office space, you will not pay much rent compared to renting a full structure or office space for your business. So, many businesses or company go for co-working spaces to save cost.

Easy affiliation with other companies/businesses

In a shared office building, there are usually many offices owned by different businesses and companies. This makes it easy for mutual business relationships. For example, if there is a cloth making office in a building where there is a parcel delivery company, these two companies can partner together where one is a client, the other is a service giver.

This then grows to become more like an affiliation business-bond between the two companies. This is a good advantage of sharing the same office space.

Market awareness

In co-working space, different customers come in to patronize different businesses existing in the premises. So, this makes it easy for the customers to notice a new product brand in the office building. This is an advantage for businesses or companies who share same spaces to create awareness at no cost to potential clients/customers.

Top 20 Leading co-working spaces in Los Angeles

Below are about twenty leading co-working spaces in Los Angeles you may want to try out.

  • WeWork
  • LAX Coworking
  • The Muse Rooms
  • Drop Desk
  • NeueHouse
  • Village Workspaces
  • dots SPACE
  • Cross Campus
  • The Park
  • BizHaus
  • Procolo
  • Paper Dolls
  • Industrious
  • Ignited spaces
  • Opodz
  • Phase Two
  • The Hatchery Press
  • CTRL Collective Coworking & Office Space Silicon Beach
  • The Collection
  • Carr Workplaces DTLA
  • Kleverdog Coworking