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Top 15 Co-working Spaces In Oakland

The advantages of operating and effectively running a business or company within a co-working space can not be underestimated at all. In this article we shall be listing about fifteen (15) co-working spaces in Oakland.

In Oakland, there are lots of Co-working spaces to choose for your businesses and companies. This article will below list the top 15 you can choose from.

What to consider before choosing a Co-working space

Before you go ahead and choose out of our list of co-working spaces, there are certain factors you must consider before you taking your final decision.

  • Location
  • Transportation
  • Needed Facilities
  • Budget
  • Conducive Environment


Before you go head and choose a co-working space(s) in Oakland, you need to put into consideration the location that will best suit your business or company. Take a survey to get the right location.


You must consider the transportation factor as regards how far the co-working space will be from your employees. If it is too far, you will need to consider a modality on how they will easily get to work everyday.

Needed Facilities

There is no functional office without facilities and equipment needed for effective work. So, before choosing a co-working space, do well to get the needed facilities for your kind of business or company.


Before making a final decision on what co-working space in Oakland to go for, consider your budget. Put in check your budget and make sure you stick to it.

Conducive environment

You will make sure that the environment you want to choose is the type that fits the kind of business or company you intend to run at the moment.

List of Top 15 Co-working Spaces In Oakland

Here are top fifteen (15) Co-working spaces in Oakland you may want to consider for your businesses.

  • Impact Hub Oakland
  • OakStop
  • Pacific Workplaces
  • WeWork Oakland
  • The Port Workspaces
  • Regus Oakland
  • Big Oakland
  • Ace Monster Toys
  • Forage Kitchen
  • Nomadic Press
  • Circuit Launch
  • Premier Business Centers
  • Powerhouse Fund
  • Tech Liminal
  • Evolve Oakland