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LeadImpact University Online Spring Classes

LeadImpact University Online Spring Classes – Earn your Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor of Theology, BSC, MSC & PhD at your convenience from anywhere in the world via Our Online Classes.

About LeadImpact University

LeadImpact University is a world-class leading NGO university located in Denver, Colorado. We are a Christian university that replicates good standards and quality services aimed at ensuring that Christian leaders develop a personal relationship with God the father. Christian leaders would go on to impact their communities in such a way that their lifestyle creates an avenue for people to come to know God for themselves. Our aim is to help a man fulfill the greatest calling in life which is to serve God ultimately which this, which provides individuals with a sense of deep fulfillment of purpose.

We provide top-notch services in our online school manned by professionals who are also deeply passionate in helping you on your journey in the path of the word. Students access courses in a virtual learning environment. Our online school is tailored to meet the needs of students such that we allow for flexibility in learning, with this advantage, students can take full charge of their learning activity and learning pattern. We have a variety of courses available in spring classes that provides you with a better insight into the knowledge of the word of God, helps you strengthen your faith and understanding of God. Become certified on this journey by availing yourself the opportunity of living fulfilled.

LeadImpact University Online Spring Classes

Our courses.

Mission: The great commission mandates all men to go out and fish for souls of men to the kingdom of God. The mission course aids this mandate by helping you gain a better understanding of what it takes to become better at personal evangelism, miracle evangelism, sociology as well as to increase your anointing.

Theology: Theology is verse area that entails the study of the nature of God and also religion. Christian individuals would gain a comprehensive understanding of the Bible, how to properly commune with God and an in-depth insight of the New testament. Your faith is sure to come to life as you embark on this journey towards understanding who God is.

Leadership: Raising leaders who become pillars of the society in matters of conflict Management, emotional intelligence, and influence. Our leadership course is a step in the right direction towards becoming a change maker that will drive great Christian impacts in communities.

Christian Counselling:  Get better at talking to people through the counselling course we offer which enables individuals to sharpen their communication skills with God, an increment in anointing and how to say prayers that yield results. Christian individuals would gain competence and mastery of the knowledge of God such that they become providers of solutions to help others in their walk of faith.

Prophetic Ministry: God speaks every day and all the time, however, many are unaware as to how God speaks and how to discern His voice. An understanding of the realm above through prophecies and communion with God. This course will guide you in learning how to discern the voice of God, how to understand the language of heaven and the mysteries and messages embedded in dreams.

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