Jobs for Agriculture Graduates in Nigeria
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Jobs for Agriculture Graduates in Nigeria

Job for Agriculture Graduates in Nigeria

Most agriculture graduates in Nigeria worry about what they will do after graduation from university. They also think about how to go about getting a job that suits their qualifications.

In one of our articles, we talked about Best Agricultural Universities in Nigeria. Trust me the school you attend has a role to play in your choice of career path.

Building a career path as an agricultural graduate in Nigeria happens to be one of the easiest, compare to other choices of career.

With less than 100,000 Naira you can startup an Agrobusiness in Nigeria and watch your business grow.

Let us get back to what we are here for which is “Job for agriculture graduates in Nigeria

We will be discussing some of these opportunities to enable you to know what to do when you find your sale in the position.

Environment Engineer

For most big farmers hiring environmental engineers to help create systems that aim to prevent future damages like deforestation, soil erosion, and pollution won’t be a big deal for them. You need to know the job before applying to companies for a job.


The work of a biochemist ranges from analyzing living organisms to looking for ways to improve human life with the result of their analyses.

Most country’s pay as much as $91,190 which is £70,100 equivalent in hiring a Biochemist.

Agricultural Economist

The Agricultural Economist role cut across different job functions. Which ranges from Consultancy, business advisors, Land appraisers.

Most big farms in Nigeria also look for those that can function effectively in that career path to hire.

Agricultural Lawyer

Another job for agriculture graduates I will be discussing today is the Agricultural Lawyer job role.

To work as an Agricultural Lawyer you need to get set to help farm owners in the settling of land-related dispute and also you need to make sure all government regulations are adhered to.

Some country’s pay as much $115,820 which is £89,040 in Euro equivalent as an annual salary.


You can actually decide to buy and sell Agro-related products. For example, you can strike a deal with farmers to always buy their farm produce and sell to consumers or even buy seedling and resale to farmers there by making your own money from the sales.

Animal Geneticist

Among the list of Jobs for agriculture graduates in Nigeria is this an amazing career path for animal Geneticist. These guys are in charge of crossbreeding different species of animals to produce a more desirable species.

So if you have knowledge about how this is done then you can get a job in this category now.

Agricultural Operational manager

The Agricultural operational manager is charged with the responsibility of grain manufacturing and the running of the day-to-day activities of the farm. They are also tasked with the full responsibility of overseeing the farm’s inventory.

Food scientist

Have you ever wonder who creates the nutritional components of the chips you buy, the bottle of milk you purchase, the beef you buy from the meat shop?

Search no further, the food scientist is the one responsible for those write-ups you find at the back of your meals or snacks.

You can actually chase a career as a food scientist in Nigeria and get the best out of it also.

Bioinformatics Scientist

Bioinformatics scientist is the ones that makes it easy for us to understand the diversity of plants and animal.

In conclusion

Most of the Job for agriculture graduates in Nigeria listed above is not limited to just the above jobs alone. You can actually visit to apply for a wide range of opportunities now!