20 Highest-paying jobs with criminal justice degree
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20 Highest-paying Jobs with Criminal Justice Degree

When it involves criminal justice degrees there are a ton of jobs that you can apply for under criminal justice. You must have been thinking of pursuing a career in criminal justice before clicking on this article. Well, you just find the right place to get informed on the topic.

Highest-paying jobs with criminal justice degree

The following jobs listed below are the highest paid in criminal justice:

Lawyers and Attorney

It’s great being a lawyer. It’s one of the honorable occupations in society. Lawyers or Attorneys are highly professional in the issue that has to do with Justice.

It is no news that lawyers earn high incomes all over the world. The income of lawyers and attorneys varies as the more experienced you are the higher your income.

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Judges and Magistrate

Just like lawyers, you need to acquire a law degree in a university or college before you can become a judge. Most judges have been lawyers before becoming a judge.

They earn high salaries as the job of a judge is quite critical in the areas of pronouncing a final verdict on criminals. You can earn an average salary of $133,920 as a judge.

Criminal Justice and law enforcement professors

The earnings of criminal justice/law enforcement professors depend on the college or university they work in and their experience on the job.

Your level of education is highly considered before you can be employed as a college or university professor. A doctorate degree in criminal justice is often required by most universities and colleges while others may take a master’s credential.

They are paid high because of the level of education they have attained. They earn an average of $61,900 yearly.

Financial Examiners

This is a field in criminal justice that employs professionals to investigate financial records for the purpose of white-collar crimes and fraud cases of embezzlement and money laundering.

An average of $80,180 can be earned by a financial examiner. Their job most times revolves around investigating fraudulent acts. A bachelor’s degree in accounting, mathematics, and economics is required to be a financial examiner.


Criminologists are involved in social issues on crime. They work hand in hand with other law enforcement professionals in investigating crime.

In the practice of criminology, it is compulsory for students to have a minimum of a master’s degree in the field while some may proceed to have a doctorate degree.

It is a high pay job that pays about $140,000 per year.

Forensic psychologist

Another high-paid criminal justice degree job of a Forensic psychologist. They are involved in cases that have to do with psychology. They join hands with lawyers and investigators to investigate criminal cases that concern them.

There is the job description permits them to perform interviews with suspected criminals and witnesses. They study the state of mind of suspects and give reports on it. This job is no joke that is why they are one of the highest-paid criminal justice graduates in the world.

Arbitrators, Mediators and Conciliators

Most arbitrators, mediators, and conciliators are bachelor’s degree holders on the field. Some practitioners are lawyers or judges that are already retired

They work with opposing parties to settle disagreements and other issues outside the courtroom. They communicate and negotiate to enable the parties to agree on the crime and punishment to be made.

They earn an average salary of $70,340 per year.

Police and Detectives

We all have police officers around us, don’t we? Their job is to ensure that orderliness is kept in our communities or neighborhood.

Some of their duties are documenting detailed police reports, responding to emergencies, neighborhood patrol, and more. The rank of a police officer determines how high they can be paid.

The median salary of $36,550 is the annual wage of police or detective.

Forensic Science Technicians

The major role of a forensic science technician collecting evidence at a crime scene and then conduct research in the laboratory. Furthermore, they arrange evidence gotten from a crime scene, like records of observations, taking a sketch on the crime scene, and taking photographic evidence on the scene.

They earn a rewarding income in the range of $97,000 as a forensic science technician.

Fire inspectors and investigators

To be a fire inspector, it isn’t compulsory you get a degree in the field as a high school diploma is enough to apply on the job.

It is required that you have experience in fire fighting as it will make the job easier to do. It is compulsory that you pass through training before you can become a professional on the job.

The job of a fire investigator isn’t an easy job hence they are paid an average salary of $60,000 annually.

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Probation officers and correction treatments

This is one job that entails communication skills as the way you communicate with offenders will determine whether they have a change of heart or not.

The role of a probation officer/correction treatment specialist is to help create a positive change for a criminal in preparation for their entrance into society.

For that to be achieved the probation officers and correction treatment specialists must interview these past lawbreakers and also create plans for counseling. They earn about $90,000 per year.

Private detectives and investigators

This is a high-paid job as top earners are likely to be paid an average salary of $50,000.

They work on cases that involve intelligent investigative skills. Background checks are often part of the job of a private investigator. Literally, they involve themselves in situations involving criminal activity as their jobs can be quite risky.

For the application of a paralegal and legal assistant, it is expected you earn at least a two-year associate’s degree to apply. Some firms may not require that as most paralegals were trained on the job.

Paralegals and legal assistants assist lawyers with their cases like obtaining data on their cases, scheduling meetings with witnesses, and some other documentation.

They are capable of earning an average salary of $50,000 while top earners could earn about $80,000 in a year.

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It is necessary for orderliness to be observed in a law court. This is made possible by the presence of bailiffs in law courts.

It isn’t compulsory for bailiffs to get a college degree. It is required of them to pass through some legal training in an academy. It is one of the highest paying jobs with criminal justice degree as you can earn about $45,000 as an average salary for a year.

Correctional officers and jailers

Correctional officers work in a jail or prison. They can otherwise be called prison warders. They assist in the supervision of the inmates. Their job includes inspecting cells, breaking up conflicts amongst inmates, seizure of contraband items, and keeping daily records of the activities done by the prisoners.

It is considered one of the highest pay jobs with a criminal and justice degree as you could earn about $76,000 on the job.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health

The abuse of drugs has affected the mental health of individuals all over the world. The substance abuse and mental health official is to help inmates in counseling and correcting them in order to change them positively.

They often work in jails and juvenile detention centers. It is also one of the highest pay jobs with criminal justice degree.

CIA Agent

You can earn up to $81,000 as a CIA agent. It is a high pay job with criminal justice degree.

They make use of intelligence obtained from different sources to help in the aspect of national security.

Security Manager

This job allows you to work anywhere which is one benefit of working as a security manager.

A security manager is in charge of other security agents under his authority. You are to ensure that the property or location you work in is secured. Security managers can own their own company or work to secure the company of others.

It is a high pay job with a criminal and justice degree as you can earn a median income of $69,000.

Custom officials

This is a crucial job that requires a high level of security service.

Custom officials are responsible for securing the borders of our country. They help prevent illegal immigration, trafficking of drugs, weapons, or people from gaining access into the country

The average income of a customs officer is $66,000 on a yearly basis this makes it a high pay job with a criminal and Justice degree.

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Investigative reporters

Investigative reporters are journalists are also called crime reporters.

They report news on crime which entails visiting crime scenes to gather information. It is a job of risk as you might visit places of war in order to get a crime report.

It is a high pay job with criminal justice degree. You get to earn about $64,089 in a year. It is a job that takes a passionate and tough individual to engage in as it is considered a dangerous job.


The aim of jobs with criminal justice degrees is for securing citizens from criminal activities that may occur in the state.

Which of the jobs with criminal justice degrees interests you? You can share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Don’t forget to like and share this article.