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7 Tips On How to Make Money While Unemployed

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Not having a job does not mean you can’t make money. Making money while you are unemployed can be so much easy with the right skillset

Today, we will be showing you some cool tips on how you can make money while unemployed.

For clarity sake this tips needs you to seat down and plan. Learning this and not put it into practise is as good as you have failed!

How to Make Money Online or From your Home While Job Hunting

Put your opinions to work!

Yes! You can actually earn lots of money by simply taking surveys on topics you have ideas about. Aside earning cash from this task, you can also earn gift cards, and other reward prizes.

Leverage Your Car or Home

Another way you can earn money while unemployed is by sharing what you have with others. For example, you can share your car and house if possible to earn a certain amount of money.

You can decided to give your car out for rent to someone or better still your house.

You don’t need to give what you don’t have. You can lease your unused space to neighbours for a fee.

Start Freelancing Today

You can signup with a freelancing website and complete tasks for a fee. Lets say you have a skill that you can monetize or even render, you can signup with Fiverr,,, etc.

Most of these platforms u listed above will charge you nothing to signup with them and even give you the privilege to earn thousand of dollars.

To get started, you need to visit the freelancing website of your choice and signup for free.

Join Amazon Mechanical Turk

Despite the recent progress in AI technology, there are still many things that humans can do better than computers. Amazon Mechanical Turk allows companies to post “HITs,” or business intelligence tasks, that workers can complete for minimal amounts of cash.

Learn Graphic Design.

Another skill you can develop and in turn use to Make Money While Unemployed is Graphic Design.

Graphic designing is not as hard are most people think it is. You can train yourself to be creative and earn from your creativity.

You can actually begin your graphic designing journey with Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, etc.

After you must have learned how you can create beautiful designs, you can enter a contest on to win amazing cash prizes. or better still visit to take up gigs.

Clean Out Your Closet

Okay… This might sound funny but it’s still another way you can make money While Unemployed.

You can sell some of those clothes, shoes, bags and gadget you don’t use any more.

Before you do this make sure you have properly washed, ironed, and clean up. Try and make them look a bit presentable to the eyes.

Offer Your Services on Fiverr

Going on Fiverr to offer services is one sure way you can make cool cash while you are waiting for that big job. You can visit today and signup for free.

Please we always encourage you to put your price a bit less than what your competitors are offering.

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